Tuesday, 29 January 2008

of New Sem n Angel in the Lab...

don feel like doing anything hence time for sum random crapping.

1. new sem. lectures resume in SIBS101. same old story. 1st u get bored. then ur mind wil wander sumwhere else. then u feel sleepy. then u doze off. as for ytrday, out of total randomness, i was

imagining the sensation of digging out a large chunk of earwax??!!

my gudness, damn WEIRD la weh!

2. 2 sems' gone! wth time flies like nobody business n i'm now in my final sem! on how i fully utilized my holiday.. very satisfied. as for my studies.. ADOI masih slack sangat. dump that attitude gal!

3. it's been 8 months in glasgow! 1 yr is not enuf, stil many things n places UNEXPLORED. how i wish this twinning programme is 2 yrs abroad.

4. n i'm not feeling homesick yet! guess it's a sweet taste of this newfound FREEDOM. except that i tend to get bit sentimental on a relaxed fri nite, alone in the room listening to.. well mayb once's soundtrack. i'll think abt morning walk, dim sum n dinner outings wif family. think abt yam cha wif my dear frens/ fan cheongs. those spicy food n seafood.. aww.. hehe.

5. lab session ended last week. i feel so LUCKY that i had a casual n STRESS-less session plus an ANGEL (dang he's not even MY supervisor). reli a big contrast wif wat other batchmates were going tru, kesian.

howz our computer lab? u wonder...
-feel free to go at 10am n have lunch when u wan to.
-12 of us packing in a small room, not even space for a star jump, so pathetic.
-taking photos or snacking, as u wish.

n oso, blurring wif mingying (2 comp illiterates dealing wif sickening canggih softwares=LOST).

it's all too canggih-manggih that i don reli understand wat i'm doing. every step was guided. juz blindly run jobs, save files, n alwiz the last pair to go back home cos there MUZ b a prob everyday haha.

the best part was WHENEVER v r lost, angel was alwiz there, nvr hesitate to help us tru. this angel come in the form of a tall man wif a charming grin.. professional n frenly AND

a pair of revealing CK WHITE boxers when he bends over to help us... *ooh blood oozing from nose

aww don u juz luv this angel?



ti3nD said...

well. he difintely deserve to be called an angel for all of us :)

bleah rocks!! ;p

lin said...

oh i haven't say thank u tim. those photos i grab from ur blog 1 hehe.