Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Paris - Day 3 - Disney!

once upon a time, i was kinda disturbed by the ladybird version of 'the little MERMAID' , where in the end she was turned to FOAM n disappear in the vast blue sea. that melancholy was bit too much to take for a tiny weeny kid. but under the magic touch of walt disney, ARIEL was happily married to her prince charming n LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER on land.

now don u juz luv disney n all the happily ever afters packaged wif saccharine sweet soundtracks?

from disney cartoons... HAPPY ending
jack-n-rose-u-jump-i-jump-jack-died... SAD ending
complicated rectangular relationship in Closer... OPEN ending.

sheez i've aged.

so ppl get more complicated as they grow. where else to offer escapism, dream, n bring back that bit of innocence in u?

22nd DEC: juz when i tot i've avoided lotsa queueing up in this paris trip, heck! the q to get in disneyland was crazy. v bought the 1 day ticket for 1 park. brilliant decision! cos found out later that it's impossible to even cover 1 park in a day.

can u spot mickey??

WEEee~ off i went to disney park.

spotted this huge, luvly xmas tree.

aww goofey!

main st
main street

as i focused my view further straight down main street, omg look at this!

n there stood this castle where princess aurora was awakened by a kiss from prince philip! it's juz a fairytale~ ya so wat... dang! it's such a LUVLY castle.

exploring each land.


pirates of the carribbean... took this ride. pirates burnt down houses, lotsa treasure but it's juz a slow boat ride wif 2 slides. anyway when a RIDE inspires a MOVIE, it can't b that bad after all!

fantasyland. where all the sweet fairytales came to life n within ur touch.

alice in wonderland-themed... reli a wonderland. LONG Q.. *sigh

it's a small world... recommended ride but LONG Q... damn!

donald! quack quack quack quack


they've got 1 or 2 crazy rides over here like this space mountain but LONG Q, Again!... @#%* wth!!!

buzz lightyear kinda dominate this land.

this is when i switched from =sprightlysue= to =grumpyGeraldine=. oredi half a day gone n JUZ 1 RIDE, THAT'S ALL?! that din justifiy for wat i've paid! frust gilerr...

then i c many ppl munching on a bloody red apple like the 1 that got snow white poisoned. grabbed 1 for myself n no, i din faint, that bloody TOFFEE apple did cheer me up a bit=)

look, rudolf in discoveryland!

later on v bump into the lion king musical... but there's like sooo far away... i had to do bit of giraff-ing... ah watever! i'll watch that in london muahaha.


it's more like a COWBOYland. so no prezzies for guessing that WOODY is da man in this land.

v kiasu-ly left this land for the parade in main street but uh it's oredi crowded wif ppl. i waited, not very patiently, n after sum time... ta-dah! the parade started wif the ever so famous MICKEY n DONALD on the 1st float.

it's all weird n sweet to c the princes n princesses turned 3D, totally alive n waved to me. not forgetting Timon, Pumbaa, Simba and the cute n cuddly Pooh Pooh. the floats were all elaborately decorated. the parade ended wif SANTA n his REINDEERS... betul2 reindeers ni.

hey baldy, get outta my way! (sry ppl, lazy to post videos)

went back to frontierland n v joined the q for a ride. don care la, there muz b a 2nd RIDE today!!! woohoo it's FUN fun fun. not regrets.. defly way more ADRENALINE rush than the 1st 1.

then v headed back to the centrestage for another show- the CANDLELABRATION. pluto, goofey, donald, daisy, minnie were so excited that mickey's coming to town. the atmosphere was all so merry merrry xmas-ey n finally mickey's arrived. the whole main street wif the princesses LAMP POSTS straight down to the huge xmas tree was then beautifully lit... wow! v knew that there's not all cos mickey kept saying, look closer n the attn was directed to the SLEEPING BEAUTY CASTLE.

the TORCH held by each cartoon character statue on the castle was lit 1 by 1 UPwards. when all 15 candles lit up to mark the 15th anniversary, TINKERBELL at the tip of the castle sprinkled her FAIRY DUST n sth truly MAGICAL happened... part by part... within a min... the entire sleeping beauty castle transformed into this ENCHANTING castle....

guess it sparked my inner.. sth.. watever! it was soo awesome until it took me awhile to stop saying, gao meng ah! hou leng ah!...

halooo glasgow radiance, this is wat i call LIGHT festival!

well there's 1 more parade bfor v called it a day. this time wif flashy, sparkling floats fetching either famous villains or a royal couple plus sum enjoyable disney anthem in the background. whoalala! (again, lazy to post videos.)

it's a wonderful feeling to feel like a kid again. disneyland.. wat a damn commercialised themepark that offers nth but ILLUSION.

v stupidly paid for this illusion but at the end of the day, it's worth it! don u juz wan to b in an illusion once in awhile? i think v all do.. for watever reason

or izzit like wat's said in THE MATRIX, v r all living in a world of illusion.

ok, i've gone too far. haha actually, romance is not reli the genre that i'm in to.


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