Sunday, 3 February 2008


few days ago i came across a forwarded email that reli made my day.




i was so amused by this pic that wth, my mouth almoz spray water to the keyboard. yep spongebob is 1 of my fav cartoon characters that nvr fail to make me rofl=) other than shin chan keke.

yeh yeh had a great day at aviemore, seeing snow capped mountain n skiing for the 1st time. gotta sleep now so stay tune for this!

ah my neighbours were baking cookies juz now. as usual, when there's food, there's alwiz me. tsk tsk so tam jiak! u know wat it's not only the smell of those delicious cookies, it's the smell of CNY. ahhhh~

so 1 day's gone n deng! i stil haven't draw out my pharmacetical care plan! my presentation wil b this coming wed, test on 18th n 4 essays due in march... my gudness! can sumbody pls inject me wif

5mg/ml sense of urgency, i.v 100ml, stat!

indication: last minute mentality, laziness.

s/e: stress

yes, i reli need sum stress to keep me going!

dammit. i'm NOT getting anywhere NEAR to my new yr resolution.


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