Monday, 9 August 2010

counting down to the days that i can leave kpl n go back to the peaceful muar... reli can't wait to walk out of this hell 1 day, bid gudbye to those pts drs bss that r alwiz pain in the arse. arrghhhh!!!!

i'm reli thankful to have gone tru my hardest time in jb wif a bunch of reli gud frens. i know i'm very much blessed to have these ppl who reli understand me from inside out, who c pass my shortcomings my sotongness n all the silly mess secondary to my sotongness haha. i'm alwiz so comfortable to b wif them bcos these r the ppl that allow me to b me, my imperfect self. thank u.


when i c xhui cried i shed a tear too. yes, i wil miss them so much n yes, 3 of us wudn't b eating dinners tgt like this anymore. no matter wat promises made, it wil nvr b the same again.

suddenly i felt that everything may b happening for a reason. ya well i'm posted to johor. i lose sum but i do gain sum, mayb more. hidden territories explored. new friendships formed. this is the nite when i got very emo.. not bcos i'm sad or wat.. juz that suddenly.. i missed all my housemates that i used to stay wif. from glasgow JBC G7 to Tmn Sg Abong Indah 3 to Larkin Residence. all the crazy times v had tgt. all the joke that v poked at each other. i luv u all.

或许不是今天 可我总会有完全好过来的一天。

Friday, 23 July 2010


yokoso japan!!

from ultraman to gongqijun to shinchan to bleach to death note to the countless make-me-cry-1L of tears-super-emo japanese dramas to all the sony products in my house to the toyotas, i'm reli mesmerised by japan since i was a kid. tho i got myself in conflict after i went to nanjing yrs ago. but ah.. let history b history..

i'm so in luv wif japan after this hokkaido trip. so in luv!! that i don mind going there for an annual pilgrimage no matter how broke i can get.

tho there's not much to c in hokkaido compared to tokyo, kyoto n other cities, i stil think it's a great. can spend sum quality time wif my family. n thanx to the brilliant tour guide (a msian who's based in japan since his uni life), i've learnt so much abt japan.. the land, the ppl n their culture.. by listening to all his 1st or 2nd hand experiences n moz of them were downrite hilarious due to the cultural clashes.

i began to wonder in those european trips, i c a lot. but wat do i gain apart from all those pics? ask me wat's the name of that building, howz the ppl n culture like... don think i can tell much. is that reli the meaning of travelling? felt like i missed out on sth important. watever let's blame it on the financial n time constraint.

it's a reli cool country wif reli cool ppl tho they quite sei-oi-min n 1-pattern.
man i don c ugly ppl on the street every1 is so well-groomed, hair wif no 1 bit of frizz (jelez betul!) n all wearing clothes n shoes that r to die for.
i can carry my bag feeling very safe n whenever i shop, i get the value that i paid. it's like they reli practice the nilai-nilai murni in moral class.. berhemah tinggi haha.
i'm so impressed wif their ultra clean toilets n nvr ending toilet rolls.. they have these cute buttons for seat heating (this is very syok!), washing n flushing sounds to mask ur embarassment while u r shitting haha.

but the best part is.. amidst the modernity, they stil preserve n uphold their rich culture.

oh wait.. there's stil shopping!! heaven for shoppers!! reli wanna curse my feet for not growing bigger. it's damn disappointing when u can't get the shoes that u reli reli heart juz bcos there's NO SIZE n u know that u definitely won ever find such luvly shoes in msia. kanasai how come my feet so small.

n unlike those shampoo in msia/china hotels that wil tangle n roughen up ur hair, shampoo n conditioners provided in their hotel made my hair felt like silk. omg omg juz wanna throw my shwarzkopf (lazy to google for spelling la watever) into the drain.

the hot bath! lavendar!
n the crab! !scallop! abalone! n kobe beef! walao eh...
samo their education system.
n the great service spirit. HAI! *samurai*

when i touch down klia.. i was so compelled to change things. change the attitude change the mindset the gov the society the country.
it makes me want to put on my biggest smile say hi how r u to my pts... dispense wif my utmost zest answer all their queries n end it wif a thank u.

++ back to kpl, got scolded bcos of no plastic bcos of 1 mth again bcos of jump numbers bcos of long waiting time, wth! screw it man.. samurai spirit can't b applied in msia when our ppl stil act like barbarians.

nvm.. whenever i'm angry or down.. i'll picture myself immersing in the tranquility of that shinto shrine. che wa so zen=)

it's indeed a trip that clear the mind, soul n erm intestines. they serve reli healthy non-oily food over there.

ah i wil get my peace sumday.

n i wil go back to japan again! hopefully nx yr!

Monday, 5 July 2010

信任 这两个字 好像没什么太大的意义。

当你最害怕的事真的发生了, 到底会是怎样的感觉?
。。 原来就是这样。
可能已在预料中, 可能真的已身心疲惫到快不行了。。 麻木了。 懒得去给予任何反应。
没什么。。 只是证明了人心的变幻莫测可以很可怕。

曾经看过这样的一句话 这门东西就像在剥洋葱,流泪剥到最后才发现是无心的。 当时觉得很好笑, 现在觉得很贴切。

虽是多了一份阴影 却不必再过那种压迫感十足 惶恐不安 的日子。



Monday, 28 June 2010

after a hard day at work, v went home n strut our stuff in the kitchen.
v had soysauce chicken. siubakchoy. cabbage soup. yummy=)

the laughters while bitching n the tears while shredding onions..
gosh for a moment it felt like James Blyth Court, it felt like.. Glasgow.
juz diff weather, diff kakis.
b it nostalgia or escapism, it's the moment that v all wan to go back to so badly but v can only look back.

as v eat, v talk abt childhood memories.

rmb that milo truck during sports day or sum random day. u queue up for that precious cup of cold milo n nowhere in the world can milo taste soo refreshing soo happyfying! aww.. the magic truck that served the best milo in the world.. when can v drink from it again?

rmb that brush teeth campaign. on a weekly basis, v all had to squat down by the longkang, brush our teeth n gargle at the old cement basin. brushing technique blabla, it's juz plain fun spitting the toothpaste foam away n gargle wif the cute minnie mouse cup that mom gave me. back then i was more of a fan for komodo, the flavour is so good that i actually EAT my toothpaste instead of brushing my teeth wif it!

i went on talking like they juz happened ytrday, stil so fresh in my mind. they started to test me. haha pc of cake!

wat's the number plate of my skoolbus? 8813, 9054.

wat's the phone number of my fren? oh c'mon i can even rmb that red riding hood sketch/ the hawaiian dance i performed during my kindergarten's annual concert n the lil senseless conversations i had wif my tadika frens.. wat more their housephone numbers.

fuiyoh n so they were reli impressed wif my long term memory power. but they oso pity me cos obviously i've passed my prime wahaha dammit. i can juz walk into the pantri for a quick bite of goreng pisang when 5 secs ago my dispenser told me i had a counselling to do. v went on to joke abt how i've used up moz of the giga/ terabytes when i was young hence now my brain is left wif limited memory space, which kinda explains my extreme blur sotongness kaka.

aww.. all the therapeutic factors for a luvly homecook dinner. n it is this kinda warmth that kept me going. i'm smiling again.

n juz today.. i work tru an evening shift. i hate evening shifts since i got here. it kills my cells n soul. i drove home wif tears welling in my eyes. there r times when u wud wan to hit the accelerator real. hard. feel the thrill n juz forget abt the world n this is it. 'course not, stil have my sanity intact.

got home. as i walked the long pathway from the visitor parking to my block, i had to suppress my tears. there's this weird feeling in my throat again.. like u swallow sth hastily n it got stuck there.. it's juz.. very unpleasant.

i've seen a funeral. i've watched the departure. even the dead is to b treated wif dignity n respect, wat more a living person wif a beating heart, flesh n soul. if u've struggled so hard to swallow the anguish n let go of this shit, if u've plucked up the courage to step forward n make peace, if u have the pure intention of only doing gud, wat wud u feel when u r shunned completely.. completely.. like a dead, like u nvr exist bfor?

.. disturbed.. very disturbed.

y am i nvr given the closure, the ultimate thing that i needed so badly?

up n down. everytime when i tot i can tell the world that i'm fine already, i'm alwiz taken aback by sth, i alwiz have that weird feeling in my throat. ppl think that i'm blessed wif gud memory power but when u have sth in ur head that u rather forget, that u wanna delete once n for all, u don call it a blessing. it juz get stuck in ur head n bring u down.

it's like snake n ladder. oldskool stuff, played a lot when v were kids.

it felt like i was at 97, bum into a long snake n slithered all the way down to 7. i try to climb my way back but this min i got on a short ladder nx min i bum into a snake. n it gets quite devastating cos u can only watch helplessly as the dice rolls. being the luckless me, the dice nvr stop at six or any number that wil get me to a long ladder. i juz cudn't find the shortcuts to seal the game.

ahhh mayb i juz gotta b patient.

i've got nth to lose, reli. play my own game n as the sole player, i need no ladders, juz 1 step at a time. i'll have all the time to bring myself back to 100. juz gotta blif in myself again. think i'm at 57 now.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

终于病倒了。 终于累坏了。

十天前女孩依偎在男孩怀里。。拥抱、说笑、 依依不舍。。
十天后男孩犹如陌生人 冷冷地对女孩说 其实我对你没有感觉了。



就这样。。 铸成了女孩一世都磨灭不了的阴影。

女孩这次又是毫无防备 莫名其妙地被同一个男孩狠狠地刺伤了同一个地方。
女孩束手无策, 只好武装自己。
她很man地与男孩道别, 很若无其事地撑着每一天。

武装了一些时候 不知是沉淀 接受事实 还是逃避

错在她的粗线条 她的不拘小节
错在她不善于表面功夫 不善于表达
错在她不知要怎么在 男孩工作家人朋友自己 之间取得平衡点。

什么勉强没幸福的烂桥段 早就在港剧里看腻了 早就明白这所谓的道理。

不要忽冷忽热 行吗?
不要什么都隐藏在心里 口是心非 行吗?
不要践踏别人的自尊 行吗?
不要伪装 欺骗 制造假象 行吗?
不要等到事情发展成这个地步才来解决 行吗?
面对面说 行吗?


加上白天工作 掏心掏肺为民服务 还要让成千的病人与上司压得喘不过气来
深夜里低头哭泣 只觉得自己像一坨垃圾。
扯! 慢慢地。。 觉得越来越痛、 越气愤、 越心里不平衡。
不知所措 自信心被打垮
受够了 为什么凡事无所谓的人都会被欺负?

女孩 真的真的身心疲惫了。
她立志要卸下怨气 卸下包袱
潇洒地继续走下去 找回自己。
她希望有那么的一天 她终于可以释怀了。。
在街上与男孩碰面 可以像旧朋友一样 寒暄几句 给予关怀。
无论男孩以后会是怎样 她还是可以诚心地献上祝福。

女孩从来不要求些什么 只希望得到一个像样的交代 。。
她只需要一份对于彼此的尊重 几句真心诚意的话 一个肯定
就能刻划出一个圆满的结局。 就能卸下包袱。

于是女孩拨通了这个似成相熟的号码 心里一片平静。。
可是 往往事与愿违 以为过了这一天一切会更好
女孩真的被逼疯了 真的崩溃了。

奇怪 为什么从以前到现在都被误会、原意被扭曲?
都已经把人刺得淌血了 怎么还可以那么理所当然地再去伤害人?


错就错在 女孩笨到危机临头时还以为风平浪静
以为委屈求全 就可以化险为夷
就算走到此地步 女孩还是很傻很天真
以为可以退一步 海阔天空
以为只要待人真诚 人家也会这样对回她。

其实道理很简单 当他的心里已经没有她的时候
无论女孩在背后做了一百件为他着想的事 他都是不以为然
几句无心的话 都会让他觉得刺耳难听
相反地 只要是对的人在他的面前不经不意地做了一件不怎么的事 他就可以觉得很称心

那 究竟何时何刻开始他的心里已没有了她?
嗨 想到这里 活了那么多年
没有一天比这一天 更心寒 更心淡


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

the serene view in nirvana memorial park where a loved one was laid to rest in peace. the sizzling thai steamfish wif ex-colleagues. the tranquility in a luvly apartment wif a switzerland guidebook n chuppa chupps. the high decibel screams on the rollercoasters ride in genting. n the failed hair makeover session where i dyed my virgin hair! have i found my inner peace?

close? .. not even close.

not reli.


beneath this pale n calm skin, there's a violent turbulence of emotions that's wreaking all the nerves n capillaries n every single damn cell in the body.

i'm alwiz in a state of unrest ever since this compulsory service n posting crap came into my life. muar. not too gud but stil fine. jb. sucks! when.. when can i ever settle down in a place of my choice n carry out all the plans that had to b postponed indefinitely? prp requirements, endless oncalls, now the faraway jb n the arrythmia inducing workload.. i've been dragging this worn out body, travelling upnorth downsouth almoz on a crazy weekly basis.

shoot i forgot. gee i gotta hurry. is that the latest news oh i hadn't read the papers for ages. yay i can have homecook dinner. damn y don u approve my leave. huh kursus. aww i had to cancel that gals' nite out. c ya i need to catch the bus n then my heart wud sink. cool y not! .. ah i need to.. gosh nx time.. *adrenaline pumping n pumping*.. ok wat was it where was i...

while i tot i was striving to achieve a balance out of everything, i'm actually chipped into such tiny weightless fragments.

this posting has drained me so much more than i tot. not only that, it tore the mask of a hypocrite n reveal a ruthless heartbreaker underneath. it's going to b 3 months but those lies n irresponsible acts r stil haunting me.. those cruel words r stil echoing in my ears.. like sharp blades piercing tru my cardiac muscles.. during me time, bus time, shower time, bedtime. it's the last thing i rmb bfor i go to bed n the 1st thing in my mind when i open my eyes in the morning. ya.. call me zombie.

everyday i tell myself i muz b strong n i'll live life as it is. but sumtimes i feel like i'm so gonna collapse.. like rite now.

it's a very complicated algebra, v were too bz n careless to take into account the many variables, instead v only look at the constants. no matter how much ur distorted mind wud perceive, i know i was putting all my heart n soul to solve the equation. u don rub if off silently.. in the mean time promise to solve the equation TODAY n out of a sudden, throw the blackboard away TMRW n THEN only tell me u don wan to solve it. if u think that (wow took u 4 yrs) the equation can nvr exist cos it can nvr equalise, at least have the courtesy to tell me nicely abt it bfor u rub it off the blackboard.

i care abt the equation more than u've tot n i owned 1 half of the blackboard. i woke up 1 day 400km away to the horror of realising the blackboard was gone!! i was this silly fool who don even know wat's going on or when u started erasing the equation. it was awfully traumatizing to fall off a burst bubble. cud all those b fake? even if it's real it's juz as fragile as the chalky flakes that dispersed into thin air. i'm not left wif anything to hold on to bcos memories cud b a form of deception. lies were sugarcoated to sound like promises. insincerity was skilfully masked wif cold companionship.

it's so disturbing to c that relieved face n bear wif that ok-i'm-sry-but-wat-do-u-expect-me-to-do tone. u can throw the blackboard rite away. juz. like. that. cold blood runs in ur veins. felt like a piece of trash. reli. was once recycled. n now. so disposable. so unworthy of anything.

it pissed me off when there r ppl who cudn't convey a simple msg or a simple tot. wat's so difficult abt it? reli. the world wil b a better place if ppl wud communicate n treat each other wif sincerity, honesty n respect.

nth stay in my mind for more than 15 mins. names. faces. anger. frustration. mayb cos im a big whiner or gossip queen. but this.. this has stayed on for so long. 2 months.. 3 months.. it's eating me up.. like gangrene. so wat i've got all the antibiotics. at the end of the day mayb my immune system is too weak to fight it. mayb the wound is too deep seated it's impenetrable to any sort of cure.

i've tried.. very very hard to shrug it off n get a new life but it had been a big part of my life. taking that away wil make it so frighteningly hollow. i have to learn to live wif that sudden big hole. this is totally pushing me to insanity. all i can do is cry hopelessly in the dark.

i have a lot of energy n enthusiasm. but for the past 4 yrs i've learnt it the hard way that too much of enthusiasm n energy can only bring abt more disappointment n misunderstanding. i'm not programmed to think. but everything abt it made me think a lot. when a person who's not supposed to think starts to think very hard, it juz went wrong. i dunno how to express myself n there's a wall btw me n other ppl. simply bcos i don blif in myself anymore. i was going tru this identity crisis wif paper thin self esteem. alwiz yearning for approval, or security, or therapeutic comfort but to no avail sumtimes. there may b inner conflicts but no man's a saint. i'm an optimist n moz of all i blif in the equation, i chose to walk this bittersweet journey.

so no matter how hard i've tried, i have yet to accept it or probably i can NVR come to terms wif it in this entire life. there wil alwiz b this unrest in my jammed up brain. tot i'm gonna get better as days or months gone by. but hell no, it gets crappier instead. i juz keep drowning deeper n deeper as the emotional baggage gets heavier n heavier. living in denial or psyching myself that i'm fine .. watever izzit.. i juz gotta stop running away n face the painful reality.

did a bit of retail therapy to clear my mind a wee bit. went in evita peroni. grab like 1k worth of accesories in my basket n when i was abt to pay, it juz hit me that hey, even if i'm down n dejected it doesn't give me the rite to splurge lidat. ok i have a penchant for head accesories mayb i have bad hair uhuh.. anyway i painstakingly empty 3/4 of the basket n paid, only to realise later that i actually like 1 of those that i didn't buy. issh! well that's life.. many a times when u need to make a choice, it's not abt wat u had chosen, it's more abt wat u had to give up. juz random tot.

i walk around the dirty streets. breathe in polluted air n listen to the chaotic notes of the buzzling city. it makes me so humanly again to live in sync wif imperfections. for that moment i felt so alive n liberated like y do i care.. it's time to unleash that spirit in me!!

tot i found myself back. but bfor i sleep.. i'm stil asking myself.. wat's wrong wif me? y am i not gud enuf?? dang. hell ya.. it's the same question tat had bugged me n put me down for 4 yrs n stil counting.

arrgghh... i need sum peace!!!

blardy sickening.

Monday, 1 March 2010

i can't fall asleep after i switch off the light n pull the blanket over myself.. almoz every other nite.
n i'm getting better at putting on an i'm ok face during the day.

i walk out from this, more like tossed out from this.. battered n crushed.

i wish i can go to that place in northern ireland.. where i'll be standing on the tip of the cliff n b surrounded by the vast blue sea.. where i can scream my lungs out so the gale n the seawater can carry my pain away.. where everything wil become so insignificant in comparison to the majestic scenery.

that is. i wish. i wish for a lot of things.. like how i wish this wil nvr happen.

i wanna hide n recuperate at sumwhere comforting, therapeutic. i think of that room which i nvr bother to clean. i think of muar. that very peaceful town that i can't wait to get out from once upon a time.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

BAD LUCK is...

when u were sooo mentally drained, the boss refused to approve ur leave!!

weiii i only take leave like once in a blue moon WTH y ppl take leave so easy i ask for ONE day off oso cannot! the best part is.. i was at the moz mou liu dpt in the entire jabatan farmasi called DIU. manatau that day i wan to take leave i was told to cover tpn. -_- lll

when ur weekend was ruined by the isa protest.

man it had to b on a sat when i wanted to indulge myself in a bit of retail therapy. ok i'm reli against isa but man there r juz too many moronic ppl high up there that arrhh lazy to care liao. damn i juz wan a well-deserved nice weekend but due to the horrible jam the bf had decided to turn away n guess where v ended up.. ENDAH PARADE! wah pathetic dao~~! n the bf juz cudn't understand y u r so emo abt it. halo i only come back to kl twice a month y wud i wan to waste my time at god sake's endah parade?! but ok la at least v had a k session at dunno wat box.. definitely more lau yiah than green box.

when u felt that u r often misunderstood or ur efforts r not appreciated.

i know i have attention deficit disorder n i nvr bother to sugar coat my words. but hey being forgetful doesn't make me an irresposible person. gasping for a breath at this sec doesn't mean that i was not working my ass off at other times. it's so sad when i c the responsible frps were alwiz bullied n stressed out wif heavy workload while the lazy unproductive ones stil get paid the same. urrggghh this whole gov service sucks!

when u got into an accident while attempting a 3 point turn.

issh i dunno how or why, totally unexplainable.. brain terlayang sumwhere n juz for that 1 sec it shut down (another symptom of ADD i guess).. tot i was hitting on the brake but i hit the ACCELERATOR instead. n bang!! i ram into a wira's back, parked at the side (wahaha wira again! any1 driving wira pls avoid this cute lil kelisa nx time).

panick la of course so i quickly fled to another street to check on my car n mayb get sum help bfor ppl wanna keng sou wif me. but muar.. being such a SMALL town.. haih the nx thing i know a kepoh uncle catched me up wif his bike n said hey u damaged ppl's bumper adi la. go n talk to him la... he's a teacher. juz go. -_- lll speechless... caught redhanded wahaha.

oklo.. teacher.. then i not so scared geh. so went back again. phew reli a nice person. v agreed that he wil fix his car in the workshop that i recommended then i'll pay the bill. aww uncle.. i'm reli reli sry. but til now i stil cudn't get this uncle.

when the lightbulbs oso want to buli u.

there r 2 lightbulbs in my room. 1 spoilt so i survived wif only 1 lightbulb for 2 weeks due to procrastination to fix it. when i finally changed it to a new1, the previously surviving lightbulb spoilt 2 days later. -_-lll sigh.

Edited: i changed the lightbulb by my own this time, w/o any help. whoa sense of achievement gao gao.. roarrrr!! i feel so manly.

u juz had to work on THAT weekend.

tot of a having a free n easy sat cos tpn on call only 1 pt. but due to sum stupid reason, stayed back to cover fbw n choked at the air that i was breathing. not kidding the haze was that bad in muar. ok i'm not complaining abt this cos not that i have anything to do had i got home earlier.

ok SUNDAY.. 2 seperate shifts which add up to 8.5 hrs. i juz had the CRAZIEST weekend shift.. EVER. stupid H1N1 causing such a PARANOIA among the ppl n causing me to dispense until i almoz fainted. was soo nauseous that since then i nvr care to wear face mask anymore. n after my shift, i sat in the pantry juz to BREATHE for half an hr until i think i'm fit to drive back home. at least the A&E drs r smart they got a stamp for the std combo, damn v pharmacists shud oso have a recorder. juz hit play if u c the PABET combo (PCM, Actifed, Benadryl, EES n Thymol gargle) coming ur way.

n then like that's not enuf the pts juz had to come on a sunday wif their repeat rx. u told me ur sad o' story bla bla hou fan ah (no sympathy watsoever when 6 out of 10 pts say they wan to go outstation or singapore.. YA RITE). tho v don need to accept repeats at out of office hrs, cudn't juz turn them down.. wat if they reli run out of meds or they susah payah come from far far away.. haih damn hard to make a gud decision in opd 1 ok.

omg it juz made me boil whenever i had to argue wif pt on the repeats policy. n there were these few pts who reli pushed me to my boiling point. GRRR!!! so wat if i lompat ur number i told ya! HUH!!... so wat if u r oso a chinese! HUH!

n the 2nd shift.. fulamak it was sooo OVERwhelming that the ppf had to make a s.o.s to the boss. the boss did sent help.. n oso made a new ppf shift schedule (doubling the workforce) after that.

u found that u r left wif the last pc of toilet tissue when u r in a gud mood to negotiate a big business.

off i went econsave. once i get outta the car i juz had to stepped on a pc of yucky chewing gum. wa y got so uncivilised ppl 1?! ILL. n then when i was at the cashier, felt that there's this random 1 or 2 fella looking at me in such a weird way while whispering to 1 another.

haih.. muar being such a SMALL town again.. halo ur frenly gorgeous pharmacist oso need to shit n use toilet paper 1 ok! oh wait.. mayb i was not being nice to them.. mayb they were whispering.. wa zhe ge yao ji shi... hen shiong o! hen shuai de wo jiao ta gei panadol ta bu yao gei hai dui wo hen bu ke qi. huh don care don care.

when 3 out of 10 patients u dispensed to r either difficult pts or that their rx has query so u have to deal wif difficult drs. watever.. cos both outcomes r the same. u juz feel like slapping them rite in their face bcos they reli get on ur nerves.

urrghh n i had to go tru the horrible experince of pt snatching his meds away from me AGAIN. i hate that i hate that I HATE THAT! it's sooo insulting!! man i was running around like a headless chicken, trying my best to find the key n let u in the counselling room asap. sry for the 1 - 2 min wait.. but halo!! that doesn't mean u can barge in, scold me AND snatched ur meds away from me... BY FORCE!!

man when i refused to give u the meds i reli have a reason. it's WARFARIN.. u told me u dunno wat izzit.. wat r the side effects.. wat r the high vit K vege.. walao wat do u mean by TAK PAYAH!.. babi dao~~! i wudn't wan to curse but don u ever blame the pharmacist if anything happens!!!

n there's this dr n that dr. when u inform them that they made a mistake they'll expect u to solve the prob n if u don.. they have the cheek to look down on u n give u that tone.. eh stupid pharmacist.. so how?!.. walao my dear dr, u r the 1 who made this mistake i shud ask u SO HOW?! dunno who's more stupid. Ish!

when the DD did not tally on the week that u were in charged.

i cudn't do checked & found correct cos the 1st bakul of the day contains DD oredi. when i tried checking in between, the record n the physical stock of not 1 but FEW were not tally. pfffttt... frps were too bz to care abt it. i got stressed out when all these were written C&F correct bfor me.. eh betul ke ni?! n to make things worse i once mixed up clonazepam n lorazepam during peak hrs.. haiyo all zepam zepam.. luckily was detected bfor supplying to pt. so i had to stay til 10pm 1 fine day, squinting my eyes going tru comp records fulamak, juz to get the whole thing rite.

when u fail to break this stupid curse.

everyday the LAST rx i dispensed bfor i go home SURE got prob 1!! walao.. alwiz overtime lidat damn sien ok!! i tried staying at the filling place when it's 4.55pm that day hoping to break the curse but dammit by 5pm there's a transient bz moment so the frp asked me to give number n once i gave the number... A&E rx wif Augmentin!! n the funny thing is pt claimed to b allergic to amoxicillin!! zha dao.. i strategise nice nice oso can't escape the curse!

Edited: so i break the curse today yoohoo (20/8, cos the luvly yeongru shoo me away at 5pm haha)!


i know the bad luck had been around for awhile now. but i superstitiously think it's augmented by this incident.

1 day after evening shift, went to get my car (around 9.45pm). ok drag nite-shift-ming along cos i'm so chicken lidat. then on the way.. v saw 2 ppk pushing a katil sorong mayat. aiyak!! nowhere to escape n i clutched ming's arms so tightly while passing that thing. choi choi choi!! ok tho i think it's empty but it's freaking spooky weh!! then the courageous n gorgeous colleague suddenly pointed out.. hey i think there's sum1 there.


i screamed n PECUT-ED 100m leaving poor ming behind. sry that was self-defense mechansim my brain din process that move ok. no ghost story la.. that was dr loo. wa that fella c he tall n not bad looking oo bit of acne prob.. but huh! he juz drove past 2 helpless pharmacists wandering in the dark. minus mark! oh watever the ending of the story is.. after going tru all these terrifying episodes.. actually my car was NOT parked there. dssh -_-lll i juz happen to mix up where i park again.. which happen very often lately wahaha.

ok moral of the story is rmb where u park, n try to avoid that katil sorong mayat, bad chi.


all these physical n mental stress had finally taken a toll on me. it's 1st manifested as fatigue, bad mood, short temper, LOA (my std not the general population std), worsestil backache, myalgia, n now i wake up to find a sore achilles tendon n had to drag my rite feet a little. how how how later stil have to watch eason leh!

Edited: ok now it's not dragging a little.. it's the limping kinda dragging.. uhh that's so awful esp along that long walkway where i'd bum into pakar toh!

Edited (20/8): ok it swells like roti now no kidding.


all prps who r having a bad time. come. shout wif me.


ok now to all OVERWORKED prps in the state of JOHOR. come. shout it out LOUD wif me.


Friday, 7 August 2009

random weekday outing in MALACCA

... back in oh-shit-i-forget-when but ming was stil in THAT hairstyle... muz b long ago. Edited: ok that was 3rd june, 2009.

it's 1 fine wednesday when v tot v were so sick of muar so v had a afterwork getaway at malacca which is actually not too faraway. c'mon try me! ask me the direction.

so i had my 1st experience of satay celup. serendipity. 1 wrong turn led us to this super famous satay celup place.. CAPITOL.

mmm~~ the potentially salmonella or hep A colonised herby satay sauce bursting into ur mouth at 1st bite of the zhan zhue bao. n a sip of that refreshing coconut water. whoa~~ that was sooo therapeutic after a long day of stress at work!!!

wee ~~ finally there r pics on rhapsodisiac!

ah ming... that's a cool earmuff muahahaha!

stop using prawns as the prop.

introducing our shy shy mr. wee AND...

the food. keke.

but satay celup is strictly a once in a blue moon indulgence. the 2nd time i had it in july (this time bside Capitol).. no more THAT therapeutic factor. yep it's overrated but so? the queue outside capitol is stil NVRending.

watched TERMINATOR SALVATION after that. too bad it din appeal to me. i like the 2nd instalment more.. ya i'm so old skool lidat. the bat ji soh wai CLEAR dandruff shampoo commercial bfor the movie was much more entertaining wakakaka.

haih. after almoz 10 months of prp posting in muar.. this is our ONLY random weekday outing. ya go on laughing.. life is pathetic over here at times. v only have tanjong emas, wetex n ktv maharani.

but who knows many yrs down the road... i'll miss the simplicity n the tranquility in muar.

ya n that's when i retire.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

aww my dear fungus infested blog

sek sek.

am now back to a full blown drama addict. shall check for buttocksore but it's ok i can alwiz curi sum duoderm gel. heck lately i'm watching the sandra oh talkshow. Edited: oops that's YANG in grey's anatomy. (come to think abt it... i think i have a bit of yang in me minus the reli smart part i juz like to berlagak pandai muahaha. oo gee no wonder i'm so not likeable.) ok back to the topic... ya i mean SANDRA NG. gossips of hk entertainment scene r alwiz so yummy. it may b waste of time watching sth so senseless but that boisterous trandemark laughter juz kept me glued to the monitor muahaha.

n i've got nth more to write other than ranting abt my work. cos sumhow i juz got myself into a series of minor unfortunate events... again. the warfarin clinic.

called for md yusof bin A n he walked up to me. he insisted he took 4mg instead of 1.5mg as written in the warfarin booklet, me n the frp can only think of haih another lou mong dong uncle or worsestil, medication dispensing error!

2 hrs later another pt's name was called. md yusof bin T. pt walked up n said i'm md yusof bin A which pushed a panick button in every1.. eh md yusof bin A went home wif his meds liao not meh?! a look at md yusof bin T's booklet n shit he's on warfarin 4mg. so desu neh~~

there were 2 md yusof. the bin A juz now is act bin T n the md yusof that came in 2 hrs later is the REAL bin A. bin T whom v tot is subtherapeutic was overwarfarinised while bin A whose subtherapeutic cudn't get his dosage adjusted cos his booklet wif bin T. finally bin T was called back to the hosp n every1 was relieved end of story.

it's ok if u don understand wat i'm talking abt but anyway... v were like sooooo close to make a reli BIG mistake wif consequences i cudn't bear to think of, which v may be held responsible.. partially. no incident reporting lucky lucky. all this in front of THAT MO wif THE aura who doesn't reli care abt pharmacist recommendation. haih. the MDI counselling. issh she juz had to laugh non stop.
when i demonstrated how to picit dan sedut serentak she went hysteric n reached out for a towel to wipe her tears.
INSULTED DAOoooooooo~! halo wat's so funny?!

but then it's reli funnny that she can laugh until lidat on sth which is totally NOT funny in the end i tot it's TOO funny so i oso laughed so hard bfor i realised my sayang shy shy pakar toh n THAT MO wif THE aura were looking at me. uurrggh berbuat malu lagi! 2nd time i crushed my image as a gentle, sophisticated, dedicated, n gorgeous pharmacist in front of shy shy toh.

y can't he ever c me in action when i'm in gentle, sophisticated, dedicated n gorgeous mode?! shall rebuild my image by supplying him 1 whole tube of bonjela nx time instead of piciting 1/3 of the tube into a small container. the W17 incident.
shoot i know i did looked very very stupid in front of this particular paed MO but since then i juz have to bum into him again n again every single day!!! arrghh!! n sumtimes wif her gf rite bside him n when u c both of them giggling n were looking at me wif the corner of their eyes, i'll b terasa that he's sharing the stupid incident wif the beloved gf which the beloved gf may share wif every1 else in the medical ward. dsshh. my poor stomach.
was soo hungry after lunch call n then i went to my fav chicken rice shop for a plate of chicken breast rice + a plate of steam vege + soup + drinks then in the middle of counselling a type 1 DM pt i suddenly have the urge of puking so i had to tell my pt oh i need to get u sum needles n ran asap to the pharmacy building's toilet to puke to my heart's content then went back to him n said hey here comes ur free needles. che wa talk abt profesionalism.

cudn't tolerate orally the entire day, severe gastric discomfort d/t hypersecretion of acid, shaking in hunger.. nauseous.. ALONE.. huuuu... mummy where r u??

n the irony was that the nx day i had to do on call TPN shift, preparing TPN bags for pt who cudn't tolerate orally. T__T

n that's y i'm not reli in a mood to blog. oops i did it again... wahaha... another unintentionally lengthy ranty blog. ok... i shall post pics n write not more than 50 words in my nx entry. promise!!!

bfor that i shall neutralise it wif sum recent accomplishment in my life like...

learnt to pump air into tyre yeh yeh.. shhh don tell daddy my tyres pressure were holy shit! as low as 9kPa! it's more like running on the rim instead of the rubber. 29 to 9.. siao!

1 day makan makan trip to malacca. *satisfaction gao gao* except for the reli dumbass movie called obsessed muahahaha tak bleh tahan nowadays stil got ppl wan to make stooopid movies lidat.

finished hiv presentation slides overnite.

had a surprised party for july babies.

survived wif 1 lightbulb in the bedroom.

rmb to empty the pockets of labcoat when i spin it in the washing machine. no more damaged pens, hosp tag, name tag or shredded prescriptions.

spent on lotsa lotsa CDs n i think my collection has hit 100 yoohoo!


ehhhh i wan to watch super band concert!!! i luv zhang zhen yue!!! si nian shi yi zhong bing.. 0~ 0~ but so sad by the time i knew abt it all the cheap tickets were sold out... watta do i live in an era w/o newspapers. pls don ask me to go check out cos i only like to flip tru newsPAPERS that stained my fingers black.

how nice if sum1 wil call me up on this sat n say hey i can't go to the super band concert AND i have 2 tickets for u. NEH.. impossible!

FINE. i'm gonna watch eason's concert on 16th aug then. ahhh i wan to watch it so badly *fingers crossed* cheap tickets stil available.. pls.. pls. don care. take leave! wow workaholic-lin (cheh wa betul ke ni) taking a break finally.

n oh ya... PAINTBALL! i wan to play paintball too! ah ming shud v start organising a paintball outing for end of aug? .. ok shall talk abt this later i stil dunno which case to choose for my clinical presentation.