Friday, 11 January 2008

Paris - Day 2

21st DEC: here's bit on paris' moz famous monument. got its name from the designer Gustave Eiffel, built for the International Exhibition of Paris 1889 n initially parisians juz hated it. wat's wrong wif u ppl?! how can u hate sth so spectacular?! anyway the antenna on top saved it from demolition. imagine paris w/o eiffel tower....

then our paris trip wil take up MUCH lesser memory space. the nite view wasn't enuf to whet our appetite for photos so in the morning v went to champs de mars.

the sight of eiffel tower juz put me in AWE!

a rock chick for world peace. wo peng yu ngoi. beyond jing san bat sei!
this is for ga kui.

wif dear.. 1 of our many many attempts, by tripod/ helpful tourists.

unlike the usual me, i tak habis-habis POSING.. like a model in a photoshoot session except i ain't model quality haha.


me touching eiffy!

me leaning on eiffy!

ENUF!! not gonna show all here. but hey it's Oh so FUN!

nx..opera garnier. it's a super grand opera house but sayang din get the whole picture, cos it has this MAJESTIC GREEN DOME that can only b seen if u walk further down the street.

Montmartre. i luv this place.

the cafes n studios make this area feel very very PARIS-ey to me. it's the place to tan sai gai, free ur mind, get a taste of foie gras, buy a sketch or get urself sketched...

...that wil all make u feel so spirited!

anyway a baguette n pain du chocolat r all i can afford.

at the peak of this area stands the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur.

true as it sound, the basilica is very much a SACRED place in ppl's HEART owing to the ivory white facade.

a magnificent white structure wif domes n towers.

n u'll get a great view of paris at that pt.

then off v went in search for hunchback of notre dame. instead of quasimodo n esmeralda, v were welcomed by an AMAZING gothic building-Cathédrale Notre Dame.

the architecture of the cathedral is quite dif from those that i've visited. i din pay to go up but a walk AROUND the cathedral is a MUZ cos the BACKview of Cathédrale Notre Dame is no less amazing! (sry short of adjectives. yes! everything is simply amazing in paris haha..)

flying buttress giving support n uniqueness to the structure.

as for the sideview, u'll c scary-looking GARGOYLES.

but i don quite understand y a sacred cathedral is decorated wif ugly gargoyles.

in the evening, FREE entry to musee du louvre. TIP!-access from subway station to beat the q. u know.. looking at all these artsy stuff.. fan fu zhok zi like me juz can't interpret the underlying msg or appreciate the beauty in it so it's alwiz recommended to get an audio guide.

1st n foremost, presenting the moz valuable piece in musee du lovre n a Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece... La Joconde! ..behind a bullet proof glass.

ahhh i was enlightened... CRAP! anyway it looks natural n that's STH wif the eyes w/o eyebrows. her GAZE juz FOLLOWS me no matter which direction i walk to! again the advantage of visiting in winter.. no shoo-ing by guards. u have all the time to scrutinise the portrait.

my fav piece.. note the X shape n the tension btw the lips of CUPID n PSYCHE.. can u feel their luv? tragic.

hoho do u know cupid has a gf n his mom is act venus! dunno leh~

from buku sejarah.. hammurabi code. tamadun awal. mesopotamia. familiar? it's rite in front of me!

there's a gazillion of collection in this freaking huge musuem, bfor v can cover much, the musuem was closed. get a taste of grand exit from the glass pyramid designed by I.M.Pei.
tired legs n fond memories...
it's been a great day n alas, kiss paris gudnite...


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