Friday, 4 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

happy new yr to siu mao liong sam jek readers of my blog. live 2008 to the fullest yo!

anyway i did had the moz amazing countdown to new yr EVER in london. but then again... how many countdown to new yr did i have in my life so far? haha.. nvm.

i'm back from london which puts a fullstop to my TRAVEL-thon. paris-scottish highlands-london. syok gau gau. it may take me a whole month to blog abt it so STAY TUNE=)

well the old-fashioned way.. new yr resolution.

Ci'm clumsy n totally inorganised in my everyday life. i alwiz forgot where i left my stuff cos i leave them ANYwhere, EVERYwhere. as long as it's not disgusting, i can stand living in a PIG STY (that's how mom called my room). n then i have to waste sum time in my life juz to clear up the mess that i've created. erm.. i seldom clear up.. so to b exact... to search my stuff in the mess that i've created. eg. my wardrobe.

haha god knows how long i din fold my clothes

take away the =messyMeredith= in me!! even dear can't tahan my messi-ness n selamba-ness. he sounded like mom n he said that he COMPLETELY understands y my mom nags me all the time. omg.. i'm so screwed 1 ah.

i've alwiz luv to do things last min, on doing homework, studying for exams, catching lrt/bus, meeting frens. enjoy that kinda adrenaline rush. (dear said it's excuse!!! O~kay~)

juz when i tot i can b sumwat a reliable person... well nobody reli think of me so. my parents can't even trust me wif our housekeys all these yrs, dear won treat me as a reliable source of info sumtimes even if i got the RITE INFO n i recently forgot an important thing my fren reminded me to do.. aikss! how am i gonna b a convincing pharmacist in the future.. haih..

so pls, dump ur bad habits gal bfor u screw up ur life! b ORGANISED=)


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