Tuesday, 8 January 2008

the end n the beginning

ytrday was last day of glasgow winterfest at george sq so decided to go for a skate. yeh yeh! it's been more than half a yr since the last time i had fun at pyrimid rink. went for the 8.00-8.45pm slot, as usual bcos of me moh moh soh soh get outta house late, by the time v put on our skates, almoz 8.15pm.
my feet kinda hurt n can't quite skate pass the uneven surface of the ice (it's the last day they don bother to resurface anyway). wth this is so not me.. then i realised i got the wrong size of skates n change to 1 size bigger. WEEeee~ i'm skating FREEly on ice now. it's so fun plus the fact that it's outdoor in a cold winter nite. how i wish it wud SNOW. imagine snowflakes falling from the sky while u r skating. wat a magical moment...
mayb bcos i din wish upon a star, raindrops keep falling on my head instead. deng!

got to skate extra time yehyeh, last day adi so they chin chai. ppl went off 1 by 1 n alas, i was the last person in the rink. woohoo it's so great to own the whole rink n skate in watever direction. juz luv the sense of freedom n speed when the breeze pat my cheeks=) so honoured to b the last customer of glasgow winterfest 07/08 keke.

took sum photos wif my phone but i dunno where the hell did i chuck my cabel n i fail to find it in my pig sty so no photos for this post.

this is last day to the greatest ever skool holiday in my life. gotta wrap up this wonderful feeling in a box n hide it sumwhere in my pig sty so that i can concentrate on my research project labwork.

it started today. my gudness!! i'm quite a comp illiterate (don even know how to use excel), dah la blur dunno wat i shud do, summore had a hard time playing wif those softwares. after an hr i juz cudn't take it, working wif comp is so damn DAMAGING to my eyes, i got sooo tired n giddy half way tru. wth this is like only the 1st day n i'm complaining.. dsshh! mommy says eat more 'gei ji', i'm reli resorting to this no joke haha.



ti3nD said...

wahlao. u also scolded 'deng' LOLZ.

lab started..aiihz.. we all shuang shuang in lab then ;p

lin said...

ok la i shudn't complain... act our lab reli very shuang... alwiz the earliest to go home n got so much time to nap. i feel so lucky!