Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Paris - Day 1

20th DEC: yoohoo i'm in PARIS!!

rushed to a free tour. based on our experience in berlin, the tour is worth it cos the tour guide byk cerita, very informative n si kui ppl like me only need to tip 2 euros. the tour started at st. michael's sq.

every corner in paris juz OOzes wif BEAUTY effortlessly. can't stop clicking my camera until my fingers was numbed by the cold. only get to know that it's sub-zero degrees in paris after seeing the fountains switched off due to thick ice, like 4 inches thick wow.

it's a scenic walk along la seine... i reli wished i have more time to walk slowly along this river, let sum parisians n luxurious cruises pass me by, juz wanna b a part of this picturesque scene.

funnily, moz trees in paris r evenly shaved haha. dahla botak in the winter..

the majestic palais royal musee du louvre, nth is more famous here than ms mona lisa n her smile i guess.

the pyramid u c in da vinci code, it's the entrance to musee du louvre, striking a strong presence.

jardin du tuileries (jardin=garden). when i look around, it's all white, clean, peaceful n stil lively in the winter. cut out the life, it feels so much like the place to film a tragic beautiful luv story.

every city muz have an eye 1 izzit?!

grand palais, i luv the glass dome.

petit palais

luckily i read tru this again, ter-typed grand mal n petit mal.. wahaha! no lectures on epilepsy intended.

our long tour ends here. dear said he don have small change, i said i have so v can share the tip. then i rummaged tru my bag for 2 euro coins. ahhh don have! fine. 5 euros. ahh don have! FINE. i PAINFULLY part wif my 10 euro notes to tip the guide.. aikks! sim tiah. so rmb si kui budget tourist like me out there, make sure u prepare small change bfor the trip haha.

nx v walk on to champs de elysee. from designer labels like louis vuitton (well the french way, alwiz pronounced w/o the s sound.. lu-ee) to zara n gap. according to the guide, the st claimed to b so high end that H&M was not allowed to open a concept store there but hey, ronald mcdonald wil b waving to u when u r there. hmm..

at the other end of champs de elysee stands the arc de triomphe to honour the brave soldiers n so that mr Napoléon can celebrate his military success. wat's amazing is the Arch de Triomphe roundabout bercabang into 12 streets!!! omg it's 3x that of normal roundabout!!! btw, car insurance not covered here.

woohoo... eiffel tower sparkling! wat a dazzling sight!!

it's gud to visit eiffel tower during winter cos it's less than 5 mins q! part wif another 11 euros to get a LIFT to the highest platform. wan to save money then go to the lower platform, or walk ur way up muahaha. i think taking the lift up was the best part of all. unlike kl tower where u r enclosed inside n u have no idea how high up u r going, u can totally c for urself how HIGH have u left the ground plus the structure of eiffel tower is kinda.. NAKED, u know juz strong cold steels. my legs weakened for a sec when i look downwards.

n then i reached the highest platform. 1 round nth impressive reli.. c'mon i'm oredi standing IN the moz impressive sight in paris! then climb to an outdoor platform. it's not enclosed so u have ICY stong wind blowing on ur face n it's freezing!! i became jumpy n fidgety, that's my way of generating heat haha. i've nvr felt THAT COLD in my life bfor. anyway stil had to bare the cold to take a couple of pics to justify the ticket price haha. the same scenery looked nicer at the outdoor platform.

champs de mars

it's alwiz amazing to c eiffel tower from any direction. n it's simply spectacular from BELOW.

u know wat... i had the moz forgettable n UNforgettable BDAY in life that day. dear n i totally FORGOT it's my bday that day n this only occured in his mind like 9pm wahaha. at the moment he wished me, i was like.. omg it's reli my bday today!! v were soo carried away by the beauty of paris! that's the moz wonderful 20th dec i had in my life so far, hence it qualified as an UNFORGETTABLE bday=)


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