Monday, 31 December 2007

Touched by many Angels

19th Dec: got offline msn msg from hou n yan.

"WHEN u c tis messeage....pls go to check ur mail....thanx=>"

huh only forwarded mails in my inbox wor. then i look carefully, o~kay~ i know y haha.

from hou, subject: ??????????muz read immediately...important one nt delete o...pls....=>

juz by the subject itself, i tot it's sum nonsence chain letter saying "if u forward this mail u can save the life of this poor soul. for every mail the XXX sponsor wil donate 3p. if u don forward this mail, u don have a heart."
DUH, i usually delete bfor reading the contents. luckily u guys send me the offline msg lol.

when i open i saw this...

1 simple bday card which speaks a thousand words
n many heartwarming msg from home. aww... for that few minutes i was =emoEmily= yes all it takes is juz.. simple gestures.

pandaila mr hou. hugz n muakks for the effort BUT not for pasting in those 3 nerdy pics. grrr! anyway teach me how to create this kinda stuff nx time. alas thanx to every1 who wrote the msg for me!

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