Friday, 23 July 2010


yokoso japan!!

from ultraman to gongqijun to shinchan to bleach to death note to the countless make-me-cry-1L of tears-super-emo japanese dramas to all the sony products in my house to the toyotas, i'm reli mesmerised by japan since i was a kid. tho i got myself in conflict after i went to nanjing yrs ago. but ah.. let history b history..

i'm so in luv wif japan after this hokkaido trip. so in luv!! that i don mind going there for an annual pilgrimage no matter how broke i can get.

tho there's not much to c in hokkaido compared to tokyo, kyoto n other cities, i stil think it's a great. can spend sum quality time wif my family. n thanx to the brilliant tour guide (a msian who's based in japan since his uni life), i've learnt so much abt japan.. the land, the ppl n their culture.. by listening to all his 1st or 2nd hand experiences n moz of them were downrite hilarious due to the cultural clashes.

i began to wonder in those european trips, i c a lot. but wat do i gain apart from all those pics? ask me wat's the name of that building, howz the ppl n culture like... don think i can tell much. is that reli the meaning of travelling? felt like i missed out on sth important. watever let's blame it on the financial n time constraint.

it's a reli cool country wif reli cool ppl tho they quite sei-oi-min n 1-pattern.
man i don c ugly ppl on the street every1 is so well-groomed, hair wif no 1 bit of frizz (jelez betul!) n all wearing clothes n shoes that r to die for.
i can carry my bag feeling very safe n whenever i shop, i get the value that i paid. it's like they reli practice the nilai-nilai murni in moral class.. berhemah tinggi haha.
i'm so impressed wif their ultra clean toilets n nvr ending toilet rolls.. they have these cute buttons for seat heating (this is very syok!), washing n flushing sounds to mask ur embarassment while u r shitting haha.

but the best part is.. amidst the modernity, they stil preserve n uphold their rich culture.

oh wait.. there's stil shopping!! heaven for shoppers!! reli wanna curse my feet for not growing bigger. it's damn disappointing when u can't get the shoes that u reli reli heart juz bcos there's NO SIZE n u know that u definitely won ever find such luvly shoes in msia. kanasai how come my feet so small.

n unlike those shampoo in msia/china hotels that wil tangle n roughen up ur hair, shampoo n conditioners provided in their hotel made my hair felt like silk. omg omg juz wanna throw my shwarzkopf (lazy to google for spelling la watever) into the drain.

the hot bath! lavendar!
n the crab! !scallop! abalone! n kobe beef! walao eh...
samo their education system.
n the great service spirit. HAI! *samurai*

when i touch down klia.. i was so compelled to change things. change the attitude change the mindset the gov the society the country.
it makes me want to put on my biggest smile say hi how r u to my pts... dispense wif my utmost zest answer all their queries n end it wif a thank u.

++ back to kpl, got scolded bcos of no plastic bcos of 1 mth again bcos of jump numbers bcos of long waiting time, wth! screw it man.. samurai spirit can't b applied in msia when our ppl stil act like barbarians.

nvm.. whenever i'm angry or down.. i'll picture myself immersing in the tranquility of that shinto shrine. che wa so zen=)

it's indeed a trip that clear the mind, soul n erm intestines. they serve reli healthy non-oily food over there.

ah i wil get my peace sumday.

n i wil go back to japan again! hopefully nx yr!

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