Monday, 1 March 2010

i can't fall asleep after i switch off the light n pull the blanket over myself.. almoz every other nite.
n i'm getting better at putting on an i'm ok face during the day.

i walk out from this, more like tossed out from this.. battered n crushed.

i wish i can go to that place in northern ireland.. where i'll be standing on the tip of the cliff n b surrounded by the vast blue sea.. where i can scream my lungs out so the gale n the seawater can carry my pain away.. where everything wil become so insignificant in comparison to the majestic scenery.

that is. i wish. i wish for a lot of things.. like how i wish this wil nvr happen.

i wanna hide n recuperate at sumwhere comforting, therapeutic. i think of that room which i nvr bother to clean. i think of muar. that very peaceful town that i can't wait to get out from once upon a time.


Anonymous said...

ah lin jie, *major squeezy therapeutic hug*

come come take a bus up to muar, we'l take you to al the usual makan places, heck, wil even take you to econsave just for that 0.01% chance of bumping into max kor and then il drive you up to kl

*sayang sayang*


mingying said...

hey sui lin....wish everything's ok..i miss u lahhh...*hugzzzz

想带心出走的陌生人 said...

Haha dun sound like very Cham like tat..haha everytime go find u also not free de..must b taugh oh!u can do it!