Friday, 7 August 2009

random weekday outing in MALACCA

... back in oh-shit-i-forget-when but ming was stil in THAT hairstyle... muz b long ago. Edited: ok that was 3rd june, 2009.

it's 1 fine wednesday when v tot v were so sick of muar so v had a afterwork getaway at malacca which is actually not too faraway. c'mon try me! ask me the direction.

so i had my 1st experience of satay celup. serendipity. 1 wrong turn led us to this super famous satay celup place.. CAPITOL.

mmm~~ the potentially salmonella or hep A colonised herby satay sauce bursting into ur mouth at 1st bite of the zhan zhue bao. n a sip of that refreshing coconut water. whoa~~ that was sooo therapeutic after a long day of stress at work!!!

wee ~~ finally there r pics on rhapsodisiac!

ah ming... that's a cool earmuff muahahaha!

stop using prawns as the prop.

introducing our shy shy mr. wee AND...

the food. keke.

but satay celup is strictly a once in a blue moon indulgence. the 2nd time i had it in july (this time bside Capitol).. no more THAT therapeutic factor. yep it's overrated but so? the queue outside capitol is stil NVRending.

watched TERMINATOR SALVATION after that. too bad it din appeal to me. i like the 2nd instalment more.. ya i'm so old skool lidat. the bat ji soh wai CLEAR dandruff shampoo commercial bfor the movie was much more entertaining wakakaka.

haih. after almoz 10 months of prp posting in muar.. this is our ONLY random weekday outing. ya go on laughing.. life is pathetic over here at times. v only have tanjong emas, wetex n ktv maharani.

but who knows many yrs down the road... i'll miss the simplicity n the tranquility in muar.

ya n that's when i retire.

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Anonymous said...

so THAT'S where our malacca satay pics are!

ish ish ish!

any more fungus-infested pics with you boh??

hahahahhahahha btw am thinking of you guys here! dont miss me too much!