Sunday, 9 August 2009

BAD LUCK is...

when u were sooo mentally drained, the boss refused to approve ur leave!!

weiii i only take leave like once in a blue moon WTH y ppl take leave so easy i ask for ONE day off oso cannot! the best part is.. i was at the moz mou liu dpt in the entire jabatan farmasi called DIU. manatau that day i wan to take leave i was told to cover tpn. -_- lll

when ur weekend was ruined by the isa protest.

man it had to b on a sat when i wanted to indulge myself in a bit of retail therapy. ok i'm reli against isa but man there r juz too many moronic ppl high up there that arrhh lazy to care liao. damn i juz wan a well-deserved nice weekend but due to the horrible jam the bf had decided to turn away n guess where v ended up.. ENDAH PARADE! wah pathetic dao~~! n the bf juz cudn't understand y u r so emo abt it. halo i only come back to kl twice a month y wud i wan to waste my time at god sake's endah parade?! but ok la at least v had a k session at dunno wat box.. definitely more lau yiah than green box.

when u felt that u r often misunderstood or ur efforts r not appreciated.

i know i have attention deficit disorder n i nvr bother to sugar coat my words. but hey being forgetful doesn't make me an irresposible person. gasping for a breath at this sec doesn't mean that i was not working my ass off at other times. it's so sad when i c the responsible frps were alwiz bullied n stressed out wif heavy workload while the lazy unproductive ones stil get paid the same. urrggghh this whole gov service sucks!

when u got into an accident while attempting a 3 point turn.

issh i dunno how or why, totally unexplainable.. brain terlayang sumwhere n juz for that 1 sec it shut down (another symptom of ADD i guess).. tot i was hitting on the brake but i hit the ACCELERATOR instead. n bang!! i ram into a wira's back, parked at the side (wahaha wira again! any1 driving wira pls avoid this cute lil kelisa nx time).

panick la of course so i quickly fled to another street to check on my car n mayb get sum help bfor ppl wanna keng sou wif me. but muar.. being such a SMALL town.. haih the nx thing i know a kepoh uncle catched me up wif his bike n said hey u damaged ppl's bumper adi la. go n talk to him la... he's a teacher. juz go. -_- lll speechless... caught redhanded wahaha.

oklo.. teacher.. then i not so scared geh. so went back again. phew reli a nice person. v agreed that he wil fix his car in the workshop that i recommended then i'll pay the bill. aww uncle.. i'm reli reli sry. but til now i stil cudn't get this uncle.

when the lightbulbs oso want to buli u.

there r 2 lightbulbs in my room. 1 spoilt so i survived wif only 1 lightbulb for 2 weeks due to procrastination to fix it. when i finally changed it to a new1, the previously surviving lightbulb spoilt 2 days later. -_-lll sigh.

Edited: i changed the lightbulb by my own this time, w/o any help. whoa sense of achievement gao gao.. roarrrr!! i feel so manly.

u juz had to work on THAT weekend.

tot of a having a free n easy sat cos tpn on call only 1 pt. but due to sum stupid reason, stayed back to cover fbw n choked at the air that i was breathing. not kidding the haze was that bad in muar. ok i'm not complaining abt this cos not that i have anything to do had i got home earlier.

ok SUNDAY.. 2 seperate shifts which add up to 8.5 hrs. i juz had the CRAZIEST weekend shift.. EVER. stupid H1N1 causing such a PARANOIA among the ppl n causing me to dispense until i almoz fainted. was soo nauseous that since then i nvr care to wear face mask anymore. n after my shift, i sat in the pantry juz to BREATHE for half an hr until i think i'm fit to drive back home. at least the A&E drs r smart they got a stamp for the std combo, damn v pharmacists shud oso have a recorder. juz hit play if u c the PABET combo (PCM, Actifed, Benadryl, EES n Thymol gargle) coming ur way.

n then like that's not enuf the pts juz had to come on a sunday wif their repeat rx. u told me ur sad o' story bla bla hou fan ah (no sympathy watsoever when 6 out of 10 pts say they wan to go outstation or singapore.. YA RITE). tho v don need to accept repeats at out of office hrs, cudn't juz turn them down.. wat if they reli run out of meds or they susah payah come from far far away.. haih damn hard to make a gud decision in opd 1 ok.

omg it juz made me boil whenever i had to argue wif pt on the repeats policy. n there were these few pts who reli pushed me to my boiling point. GRRR!!! so wat if i lompat ur number i told ya! HUH!!... so wat if u r oso a chinese! HUH!

n the 2nd shift.. fulamak it was sooo OVERwhelming that the ppf had to make a s.o.s to the boss. the boss did sent help.. n oso made a new ppf shift schedule (doubling the workforce) after that.

u found that u r left wif the last pc of toilet tissue when u r in a gud mood to negotiate a big business.

off i went econsave. once i get outta the car i juz had to stepped on a pc of yucky chewing gum. wa y got so uncivilised ppl 1?! ILL. n then when i was at the cashier, felt that there's this random 1 or 2 fella looking at me in such a weird way while whispering to 1 another.

haih.. muar being such a SMALL town again.. halo ur frenly gorgeous pharmacist oso need to shit n use toilet paper 1 ok! oh wait.. mayb i was not being nice to them.. mayb they were whispering.. wa zhe ge yao ji shi... hen shiong o! hen shuai de wo jiao ta gei panadol ta bu yao gei hai dui wo hen bu ke qi. huh don care don care.

when 3 out of 10 patients u dispensed to r either difficult pts or that their rx has query so u have to deal wif difficult drs. watever.. cos both outcomes r the same. u juz feel like slapping them rite in their face bcos they reli get on ur nerves.

urrghh n i had to go tru the horrible experince of pt snatching his meds away from me AGAIN. i hate that i hate that I HATE THAT! it's sooo insulting!! man i was running around like a headless chicken, trying my best to find the key n let u in the counselling room asap. sry for the 1 - 2 min wait.. but halo!! that doesn't mean u can barge in, scold me AND snatched ur meds away from me... BY FORCE!!

man when i refused to give u the meds i reli have a reason. it's WARFARIN.. u told me u dunno wat izzit.. wat r the side effects.. wat r the high vit K vege.. walao wat do u mean by TAK PAYAH!.. babi dao~~! i wudn't wan to curse but don u ever blame the pharmacist if anything happens!!!

n there's this dr n that dr. when u inform them that they made a mistake they'll expect u to solve the prob n if u don.. they have the cheek to look down on u n give u that tone.. eh stupid pharmacist.. so how?!.. walao my dear dr, u r the 1 who made this mistake i shud ask u SO HOW?! dunno who's more stupid. Ish!

when the DD did not tally on the week that u were in charged.

i cudn't do checked & found correct cos the 1st bakul of the day contains DD oredi. when i tried checking in between, the record n the physical stock of not 1 but FEW were not tally. pfffttt... frps were too bz to care abt it. i got stressed out when all these were written C&F correct bfor me.. eh betul ke ni?! n to make things worse i once mixed up clonazepam n lorazepam during peak hrs.. haiyo all zepam zepam.. luckily was detected bfor supplying to pt. so i had to stay til 10pm 1 fine day, squinting my eyes going tru comp records fulamak, juz to get the whole thing rite.

when u fail to break this stupid curse.

everyday the LAST rx i dispensed bfor i go home SURE got prob 1!! walao.. alwiz overtime lidat damn sien ok!! i tried staying at the filling place when it's 4.55pm that day hoping to break the curse but dammit by 5pm there's a transient bz moment so the frp asked me to give number n once i gave the number... A&E rx wif Augmentin!! n the funny thing is pt claimed to b allergic to amoxicillin!! zha dao.. i strategise nice nice oso can't escape the curse!

Edited: so i break the curse today yoohoo (20/8, cos the luvly yeongru shoo me away at 5pm haha)!


i know the bad luck had been around for awhile now. but i superstitiously think it's augmented by this incident.

1 day after evening shift, went to get my car (around 9.45pm). ok drag nite-shift-ming along cos i'm so chicken lidat. then on the way.. v saw 2 ppk pushing a katil sorong mayat. aiyak!! nowhere to escape n i clutched ming's arms so tightly while passing that thing. choi choi choi!! ok tho i think it's empty but it's freaking spooky weh!! then the courageous n gorgeous colleague suddenly pointed out.. hey i think there's sum1 there.


i screamed n PECUT-ED 100m leaving poor ming behind. sry that was self-defense mechansim my brain din process that move ok. no ghost story la.. that was dr loo. wa that fella c he tall n not bad looking oo bit of acne prob.. but huh! he juz drove past 2 helpless pharmacists wandering in the dark. minus mark! oh watever the ending of the story is.. after going tru all these terrifying episodes.. actually my car was NOT parked there. dssh -_-lll i juz happen to mix up where i park again.. which happen very often lately wahaha.

ok moral of the story is rmb where u park, n try to avoid that katil sorong mayat, bad chi.


all these physical n mental stress had finally taken a toll on me. it's 1st manifested as fatigue, bad mood, short temper, LOA (my std not the general population std), worsestil backache, myalgia, n now i wake up to find a sore achilles tendon n had to drag my rite feet a little. how how how later stil have to watch eason leh!

Edited: ok now it's not dragging a little.. it's the limping kinda dragging.. uhh that's so awful esp along that long walkway where i'd bum into pakar toh!

Edited (20/8): ok it swells like roti now no kidding.


all prps who r having a bad time. come. shout wif me.


ok now to all OVERWORKED prps in the state of JOHOR. come. shout it out LOUD wif me.



~ming~ said...

seriously la, blog more often lah!!

your posts super entertaining weh!

*havent forgiven you for pecut-ing ahead humph!*


p/s : oh yea..


weeyeaw said...


I thk all prps in Msia also overworked la, not only JB...

Very sien adi... nvm, tahan for 2 more mths only...

U take care...

lin said...

wahahah u guys reli layan me in the ARRRHHHHH part wor. che.. THANX THANX! kena destress once in awhile.

ah ming... my blog definitely not as entertaining as ur blog lo. the ppl that u bashed actually left a comment to 'thank' u for bashing him wor. wat can b more entertaining than that WAHAHAHHA *evil laughter*