Sunday, 19 July 2009

aww my dear fungus infested blog

sek sek.

am now back to a full blown drama addict. shall check for buttocksore but it's ok i can alwiz curi sum duoderm gel. heck lately i'm watching the sandra oh talkshow. Edited: oops that's YANG in grey's anatomy. (come to think abt it... i think i have a bit of yang in me minus the reli smart part i juz like to berlagak pandai muahaha. oo gee no wonder i'm so not likeable.) ok back to the topic... ya i mean SANDRA NG. gossips of hk entertainment scene r alwiz so yummy. it may b waste of time watching sth so senseless but that boisterous trandemark laughter juz kept me glued to the monitor muahaha.

n i've got nth more to write other than ranting abt my work. cos sumhow i juz got myself into a series of minor unfortunate events... again. the warfarin clinic.

called for md yusof bin A n he walked up to me. he insisted he took 4mg instead of 1.5mg as written in the warfarin booklet, me n the frp can only think of haih another lou mong dong uncle or worsestil, medication dispensing error!

2 hrs later another pt's name was called. md yusof bin T. pt walked up n said i'm md yusof bin A which pushed a panick button in every1.. eh md yusof bin A went home wif his meds liao not meh?! a look at md yusof bin T's booklet n shit he's on warfarin 4mg. so desu neh~~

there were 2 md yusof. the bin A juz now is act bin T n the md yusof that came in 2 hrs later is the REAL bin A. bin T whom v tot is subtherapeutic was overwarfarinised while bin A whose subtherapeutic cudn't get his dosage adjusted cos his booklet wif bin T. finally bin T was called back to the hosp n every1 was relieved end of story.

it's ok if u don understand wat i'm talking abt but anyway... v were like sooooo close to make a reli BIG mistake wif consequences i cudn't bear to think of, which v may be held responsible.. partially. no incident reporting lucky lucky. all this in front of THAT MO wif THE aura who doesn't reli care abt pharmacist recommendation. haih. the MDI counselling. issh she juz had to laugh non stop.
when i demonstrated how to picit dan sedut serentak she went hysteric n reached out for a towel to wipe her tears.
INSULTED DAOoooooooo~! halo wat's so funny?!

but then it's reli funnny that she can laugh until lidat on sth which is totally NOT funny in the end i tot it's TOO funny so i oso laughed so hard bfor i realised my sayang shy shy pakar toh n THAT MO wif THE aura were looking at me. uurrggh berbuat malu lagi! 2nd time i crushed my image as a gentle, sophisticated, dedicated, n gorgeous pharmacist in front of shy shy toh.

y can't he ever c me in action when i'm in gentle, sophisticated, dedicated n gorgeous mode?! shall rebuild my image by supplying him 1 whole tube of bonjela nx time instead of piciting 1/3 of the tube into a small container. the W17 incident.
shoot i know i did looked very very stupid in front of this particular paed MO but since then i juz have to bum into him again n again every single day!!! arrghh!! n sumtimes wif her gf rite bside him n when u c both of them giggling n were looking at me wif the corner of their eyes, i'll b terasa that he's sharing the stupid incident wif the beloved gf which the beloved gf may share wif every1 else in the medical ward. dsshh. my poor stomach.
was soo hungry after lunch call n then i went to my fav chicken rice shop for a plate of chicken breast rice + a plate of steam vege + soup + drinks then in the middle of counselling a type 1 DM pt i suddenly have the urge of puking so i had to tell my pt oh i need to get u sum needles n ran asap to the pharmacy building's toilet to puke to my heart's content then went back to him n said hey here comes ur free needles. che wa talk abt profesionalism.

cudn't tolerate orally the entire day, severe gastric discomfort d/t hypersecretion of acid, shaking in hunger.. nauseous.. ALONE.. huuuu... mummy where r u??

n the irony was that the nx day i had to do on call TPN shift, preparing TPN bags for pt who cudn't tolerate orally. T__T

n that's y i'm not reli in a mood to blog. oops i did it again... wahaha... another unintentionally lengthy ranty blog. ok... i shall post pics n write not more than 50 words in my nx entry. promise!!!

bfor that i shall neutralise it wif sum recent accomplishment in my life like...

learnt to pump air into tyre yeh yeh.. shhh don tell daddy my tyres pressure were holy shit! as low as 9kPa! it's more like running on the rim instead of the rubber. 29 to 9.. siao!

1 day makan makan trip to malacca. *satisfaction gao gao* except for the reli dumbass movie called obsessed muahahaha tak bleh tahan nowadays stil got ppl wan to make stooopid movies lidat.

finished hiv presentation slides overnite.

had a surprised party for july babies.

survived wif 1 lightbulb in the bedroom.

rmb to empty the pockets of labcoat when i spin it in the washing machine. no more damaged pens, hosp tag, name tag or shredded prescriptions.

spent on lotsa lotsa CDs n i think my collection has hit 100 yoohoo!


ehhhh i wan to watch super band concert!!! i luv zhang zhen yue!!! si nian shi yi zhong bing.. 0~ 0~ but so sad by the time i knew abt it all the cheap tickets were sold out... watta do i live in an era w/o newspapers. pls don ask me to go check out cos i only like to flip tru newsPAPERS that stained my fingers black.

how nice if sum1 wil call me up on this sat n say hey i can't go to the super band concert AND i have 2 tickets for u. NEH.. impossible!

FINE. i'm gonna watch eason's concert on 16th aug then. ahhh i wan to watch it so badly *fingers crossed* cheap tickets stil available.. pls.. pls. don care. take leave! wow workaholic-lin (cheh wa betul ke ni) taking a break finally.

n oh ya... PAINTBALL! i wan to play paintball too! ah ming shud v start organising a paintball outing for end of aug? .. ok shall talk abt this later i stil dunno which case to choose for my clinical presentation.

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Anonymous said...

OMG i hv never read such a CONDENSED blog post in my whole life!!

and was laughing (all alone in my AIRCONDITIONED HOTEL room with the FREE breakfast and internet YANG TAK PAYAH buffer) when i read:-

" sayang shy shy pakar toh (HE'S MINE BTW. we stay together, i mean, same condo complex duhn THAT MO wif THE aura were looking at me. uurrggh berbuat malu lagi! 2nd time i crushed my image as a gentle, sophisticated, dedicated, n gorgeous pharmacist in front of shy shy toh.

(come again? this is coming from the girl who shot off like a rocket when her brave, courageous (not to mention gorgeous!) friend said,"eh, i think there's someone there", leaving her friend to fend for herself. AND the girl who said,"talking about doctors is sooo therapeutic" when she's like 30 cm away from the nearest doctor)



btw, dont tersilap and terpicit him LMS instead of bonjela hor! then later he'll be forever known as doc pakar toh-hot-lips

and there goes you dedicated, sophisticated pharmacist image!