Monday, 9 August 2010

counting down to the days that i can leave kpl n go back to the peaceful muar... reli can't wait to walk out of this hell 1 day, bid gudbye to those pts drs bss that r alwiz pain in the arse. arrghhhh!!!!

i'm reli thankful to have gone tru my hardest time in jb wif a bunch of reli gud frens. i know i'm very much blessed to have these ppl who reli understand me from inside out, who c pass my shortcomings my sotongness n all the silly mess secondary to my sotongness haha. i'm alwiz so comfortable to b wif them bcos these r the ppl that allow me to b me, my imperfect self. thank u.


when i c xhui cried i shed a tear too. yes, i wil miss them so much n yes, 3 of us wudn't b eating dinners tgt like this anymore. no matter wat promises made, it wil nvr b the same again.

suddenly i felt that everything may b happening for a reason. ya well i'm posted to johor. i lose sum but i do gain sum, mayb more. hidden territories explored. new friendships formed. this is the nite when i got very emo.. not bcos i'm sad or wat.. juz that suddenly.. i missed all my housemates that i used to stay wif. from glasgow JBC G7 to Tmn Sg Abong Indah 3 to Larkin Residence. all the crazy times v had tgt. all the joke that v poked at each other. i luv u all.

或许不是今天 可我总会有完全好过来的一天。

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