Monday, 27 October 2008

of deepavali n DRIVING!

yeh HAPPY DEEPAVALI! which means HAPPY HOLIDAY! don u juz love to b in msia?

suddenly every1 got no work n no classes. suddenly every1's coming back from outstation n oversea (i mean singapore haha). suddenly every1 is free to meet me. n wth moz of them juz had to b free on sun. suddenly i'm bz wif calls n smses to coordinate these outings. man i've not been doing this for a long time. suddenly every1 can't confirm cos every1 has other commitments including me. suddenly i'm stressed n confused.

i need to choose.. prioritise.. n SACRIFICE!! weii i've been rotting at home all these while, y all the events had to happen in a day?? on the same day!! i hate to sacrifice.. y can't things space out a lil? well in the end.. i had to fly an aeroplane to my primary skool frens.. gosh i feel bad=(

from secret recipe in times sq down to ichiban bonshi in pavillion. gals... i reli had a great day catching up wif u all. it's been a long time since i had a great day. i hope i can have more of this even when i'm working!! NO NO NO i'm not gonna b a stressed out pharmacist who has no life. triple layered eyebags severely underweight hair loss backache headache giddiness drowsiness ARRGGHH!! ok let's not scare myself 1st.


well after back from pavillion.. got bit excited n ask dad to let me practise driving around the taman. dad was like serious??!! cos lin-sama has not land her butt on the driver's seat since like errrr.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. huh! a gud 5 yrs!!! now this is the ultimate acquired skill which i seriously doubt whether it's stil anywhere in my limbic system.

now yeh.. adjust my seat. push to 1st gear.. rite leg on accelerator.. ahh! the car's moving!! n it's a smooth ride baby=) i was born to drive!

ya rite...

scenario 1

dad: hey hey u wan to turn left muz show signal now.
me: yahor, ok!
*doosh doosh doosh wiper moving left n rite left n rite*
me: ahhh!! wiper?!! *in disbelief* how come the wiper is moving??!! eh how to stop the wiper now?? *panick*
dad: bcos u press wiper la.. AIYOOO.. *stop the wiper*
me: then where's the signal??
dad: HAIIYOYOOOOOO!! *heart attack* how u pass ur driving test when u dunno where's the signal??
bro: right hand side!!
me: ohhhh.. *excited at new discovery* *happily flashing the signal*

scenario 2

i was driving on a wide straight road n u know dad told me to b observant. n i was! i saw a car gonna come out from the little lorong on my left. n i immediately brake the car. then there's few secs of awkward moment when the car was waiting for me to pass while i'm waiting for the car to pass kaka.
dad: how can u brake suddenly??? so dangerous! n do u know that u r on the main road? u have the right to drive straight thru! it's the car from the little lorong that needs to stop n let u pass.
me: ohhhhh... no wonder that awkward moment juz now haha. *excited bcos i learnt sth new*

scenario 3

everytime i make a corner turn or a u turn or watever turn, n there's a car parking rite at that angle or mayb a divider, i nvr know i'm like 1 freaking inch away from it. only my dad n bro knew, n they had a tachycardia over it haha. well i kinda forget that i'm driving a car, a BIG RIGID CUBOID. i alwiz tot that the car i'm driving is only as big as my driver seat n that it can glide gracefully around any corner like a snake. wth.

scenario 4

switching to 2nd gear.
dad: y u alwiz switch to 2nd gear when the car is slowing down?
me: bcos u told me 5 yrs ago that i shudn't drag 1st gear for too long.
dad: but u muz b gaining a certain pace 1st then only u can switch to 2nd gear.
me: harh.. i tot in order to gain that certain pace, i need to switch to 2nd gear 1st!
dad: but u change to 2nd gear when the car is oredi very very slow, where got energy lidat? the car shud b moving at a certain pace 1st then only u switch to a higher gear to move at a faster pace!!
bro: i'll explain to u again later.
me: ok. *stil insisted that dad told me not to drag 1st gear for too long, 5 yrs ago*

scenario 5

side parking. so i switch to reverse gear. n then i turn my stering to the rite.
dad: STOOooP!! *forcefully turning the stering into the other direction*
me: *puzzled* hey i wan the car to move to the rite. so i turn the stering to the rite la!
bro: jie, u r now in reverse gear.
me: uhh.. i know.. so??
dad n bro: *pengsan*
me: oh oh oh i think i kinda get it. wait ah let me digest 1st.
dad: park the car 1st la. go home only digest. *very impatient liao*
then i was parking the car by listening to dad's directions, w/o using my brain cells haha.

end of 1st driving lesson in 5 yrs. the moment i get down the car. omg! i was pale n dizzy. i felt like i'm juz gonna collapse there. so i quickly took a deep breathe, walked into the house n lie flat on the floor for the nx hr.

it's either my motion sickness has gone from bad to worse, or that my BP (86/56mmHg) is too low to cope wif such stress. i'm stil dizzy until the moment i woke up the nx day, no kidding.

partly bcos of my motion sickness, partly bcos i like to talk crap, i nvr observe how ppl drive haha.

no wonder i like spongebob sooo dearly. bcos i can totally identify wif him. yes i'm juz as SILLY n STUPID as him. aho! n wat's more, i'm a sponge!! i juz absorb n absorb w/o further analysing n understanding.

man i shud hire a chauffeur for the rest of my life!!!

=spongeLIN squarepants=

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Kha Hong said...

Hahaha.. i like this post so much..
Entertaining.. and reminds me of the same scenario, when i was the one sitting at the driver's seat.

Hehe.. wonder when i can drive to work..