Tuesday, 21 October 2008


laporkan diri kepada kementerian kesihatan negeri JOHOR.. 3 november..


Ming See said...

So you're coming to Johor??? We'll so very near each other :) Luckily they didn't send you to tebing Sg. Rejang or kaki bukit Gunung Kinabalu or pinggir Mulu Caves, hahaa... Whole jing gang coming down with you next week? Where in Johor? What's the arrangement like?

Come over to Singapore whenever you want to. We bring you makan-makan and jalan-jalan :)

mingying said...

hey gal..johor isnt that bad larr..sooo many p105 ppl there, summore gt blurqueen peifong ard..shud be quite fun and happening!!and look on the bright side..u're nt veli far from home and u've enuf freedom!!hehe..good luck in work!!:))