Thursday, 23 October 2008

I AMsterdam

9th April 2008

after almoz 4 hrs of train ride from brussels, I AMsterdam!!! yeh!!!
prostitution.. LEGAL! marijuana.. LEGAL!
netherland... a paradise for many. n is by far the moz liberal country that i've been to.
where u get weed from COFFEEshop n a cuppa coffee from KOFFIEshop. cool heh!

i know wat's in ur mind? did i go in to those COFFEEshop rite? haha i wud.. if i'm alone. well ed had warned me not to.. cos he tot i'm not emotionally stable for that. but i was wif 5 gud n clean companions hehe.. so no peer influence. n mom can stil b proud of me.

now wat's the best way to get around amsterdam city??

BICYCLE, of course!! pls make sure that u reli know how to ride a bike.. life's at stake hey!

ignore that ugly pouch. rent a bike from mac bike for abt 7 euros. weee... this is the 1st time i ride on a bike since... erm.. standard 4.
ahh.. 13 yrs!! i doubted whether this acquired skill is stil anywhere in my limbic system.

needless to say, i was riding like a chicken. scared of crowd, scared of slowing down. sth's amissed. the bikers either showed us angry faces, funny faces, rude gestures or honking away, like wat's wrong wif asians huh??

apala tu khoe. he led us to riding on a opposite direction at a jln sehala. oii all bike lanes r jln sehala!! so to get it rite, v need to cross the road. it's red light for bike n sumhow every1 crossed except for me n shan.

it's a super super busy road!! v have cars, trams, pedestrians, bikes from every possible direction. waited for it to turn green. shan managed to cross bfor the tram came, bfor i prepared myself. so i told myself to cross once the tram passed. n yes, MY TURN!! juz when i pedalled across, OH-MY-GOD!! the cars were coming from another direction!! n they r vroooming closerrrr!! they r honking me like mad!!

ahhhh!!! i don wan to die at amsterdam!!!
ahhhh!!! i don wan to get injured!!!
gao meng ahhhh!!!

*fight n flight situation.. adrenaline pumping to the max** i pedalled wif ALL MY MIGHT like org gila n sped across the road.

phew! I'M SAFE!!!
they saw me frantically pedalling wif all my might n their heart skip a beat too. muahaha... v had a great laugh after that.

ok enuf of drama... here r the pics v took while v cycled around.

everywhere there r bicycles! every street there's a canal...

ain't it beautiful?

the houses have cute designs. houses r narrow bcos land is scarse. they have small doors. so every house has a hook at the top to hoist their furniture n let it get in thru the window. n sum houses r very senget.. bcos of the weight of those hoisted stuff n the pilings r swept by undergound water. oh.. interesting! i nvr know until the cosmos tour guide said that during the europe trip wif parents.

boo.. i don have a nice pic on this bridge.

at Vondelpark

finally a group photo wif every member in it

gee... my favourite place. I AMsterdam. defly a place to camwhore.

it started wif khoe. where he held the words wif both hands. n dunno y... every1 follows suit.

see.. 4 of them! i know it's a stupid pose. but unfortunately i was influenced too. oii evil khoe!
n there i go, kanasai! so UGLY!

n sadly, this is the only pic i took..wth.

except for pfong

so darren n i felt like kacau-ing her bcos of her lack of team spirit.

n yeh! another group photo! i love this 1 alot alot alot.

daren clinging on the a, me popping out from the a, shan between a n m, pfong n koon in the arches of m, n khoe lying on the platform... mengada-ly.

D for Damn!

M for mamma me-ah.

squeezing myself between t n e. so i form another word. TIE. hehe.

issh told ya i need wider lens.

cramming on a bicycle in front of Rijksmusuem.

Anne Frank House. BORING! don go. waste money.

it's basically the house where Anne Frank hid during the Nazi persecution. she's a jewish, she wrote a diary. n now the house is converted into a musuem. that's it. if u wan to know abt this part of history, better go germany la kan.

see, i took a nice pic for them.

bloody hell, see how they take for me instead.

bumping into nice church A

happily bumping into nice church B

Dam Square

yep there's madame tussaud in amsterdam. not only london.

v ended the day by feasting our eyes at red light district. giggling away seeing those porno stuff n asking darren wat r the uses of those sex toys. *jakun gals*
they have all kinds of prostitutes, posing themselves in bikinis behind transparent glass doors. got tall n short fat n skinny pretty n ugly old n young wild n tame, juz choose according to ur taste. n u'll c hamsap lou walking up n down. no wonder there r less sexual criminals in netherland. msia shud seriously consider abt this approach.
n it's reli funny to walk around these kinda places wif the vey pious khoe, he looked so shy n uneasy muahaha. well if not for him, we'd have watched a live sex show!
omg v r so evil! n ham sap.


ti3nD said...

told u dy next time take more pics with ONE background, to back up when u choose pics to post/develop! hahaha. 5 of u shud be able to persuade kim bah!

yi shan said...

hey.. thanks for ur effort to write down the details of dis trip ya ^o^ so happy when i read dis post... haha.. amsterdam trip was really nice!!
how bout the mice? mouse? mice? mouse? hihi...

lin said...

tiend: yalor.. now regret liao. 1 pic only.. samo pose damn ugly.

shan: omg that 1 super jing dian. of course i won forget to write... but it happen on the 5th day ma. b patient la!!!