Sunday, 12 October 2008

Brussels... for mussels!

yeh it rhymes!

tot i'd blog chronologically on my trips. the last 1 was romantic paree... omg that's soo last yr!! the following trip was inverness but i'm more interested to blog abt brussels-amsterdam!!

i luv this trip bcos it's after handing in my research project. i luv it bcos it's short n less tiring. i luv it bcos it's amsterdam!! but i'm gonna talk abt brussels 1st, cos v were there for a day due to our direct flight from glasgow. oh i luv direct flights.

8th april 2008:

once v get out of the underground, 6 of us turn round n round n round to look for a COCA COLA NEON LIGHT as a guide to walk to our hostel, as told by hostelworld. tho it claimed to b HUGE enuf to catch our sight easily, v stil cudn't find that damn thing. so it's down to street names, common sense n luck. yes v found the hostel.

well actually, this is the 1st building v saw in brussels after getting out of the underground. damn zha dou rite? issh!

so there's the coca cola neon light. halo! common sense pls! how to c that damn thing so HIGH up there when u r few metres away from the building??!! nobody wil have the habit of tilting their head to an impossible angle everytime they get off an underground ok! arrghh...
stupid direction guide = precious time wasted.

when any gal thinks abt belgium, she'll think abt belgian chocolates. wat's a trip to belgium w/o tasting n shopping for those finest sho-ko-lah rite? wee~ i'm not sure abt those theories regarding flavonoids, but chocs do make me feel gud, n feel fatter.
and.. the darker the better!

at leonidas... pfong n i were so fascinated by this leng chai who tie beautiful ribbons on each box of chocs like a robot... such precision n speed! *drooling* both at the chocs n the leng chai=)

choco-licious belgian waffle on the street... omg!! look at my greedy face!! my eyes totally lit up n that grin... so membencikan tsk tsk.

nx 4 photos r buildings that surround the grand place or the market square.

guild houses

i love this part of the square the most.

king's house

the gothic town hall.. aikks camera lens not wide enuf=(

there r way too many squares in europe until u cudn't rmb which is which bcos they tend to look the same ughh. this square is by far 1 of those MEMORABLE ones, it's beautiful=)

strolling around... v found this oh-so tempting CHOC FOUNTAIN!! ahh 6 of us got so excited so v took turns in pairs to camwhore wif it.. outside the shop.. like kindergarten kids.. wth.

khoe is the tallest in our batch but he's definitely a kid at heart. n i have to NG many times juz to get my tongue sticking out at this lengh.. as if it's licking the choc. that's a tiring feat.

v had to drag our tired feet to walk down several streets bcos there's stil a muz see tourist attraction that we've yet to see. when v finally found it... v were like... harh! wat?! so small only ah?! how can it b soo famous? ya ya this is our impression of manneken pis - a SMALL fountain wif the statue of a LITTLE boy... PEEING.

n if u r 'not so lucky', u'll see him dressed up in various costumes. v were 'lucky' that day to see him naked.

manneken pis is EVERYWHERE in the souvenir shops.. from postcards to fridge magnet to corkscrew... we've seen it, took pic wif it, bought the postcard AND the fridge magnet AND the corkscrew (omg y am i so touristy?!), but stil don understand y the the hell izzit so famous...

hah now this is the town hall again. managed to capture the highest point of the tower n my gempal face tgt=) thanx to shan who had to squat hoho.

cool graffiti.. kong king vs lion king... rawwwrrrr!

bump into this eerie church on our way to hunt mussels for dinner.

after walking few streets to compare prices (even when our stomach n feet cudn't tahan any longer n on the brink of fainting, we, the cheapskate msian students alwiz alwiz have the strong WILLPOWER do this! haiyo.. i tell u! ) v found the rite places for dinner yeh!

n they even had this big screen showing liverpool vs chelsea i guess. woohoo go liverpool! cheh like i care. i only wan mussels! v ordered 5kg of mussels in 4 kind of flavours if i'm not mistaken. n v 4 housemates ate so fast n so furious while darren n khoe had their eyes glued on tv. great isn't it? if not for that match... v gals wudn't have eaten so many mussels keke.

mussel-licious! soo big n fresh that they make those served at glasgow's mussel inn look like premature babies...

chocolates n mussels... so this our trip in brussels... short but sweet=)

coming up: amsterdam!!

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