Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Souvenirs from Brussels

back in june, mom n dad came to scotland to attend my convo. mom packed all the souvenirs i bought in a handcarry. n she had to sacrifice shopping during the europe tour so she cud take this OVERstuffed handcarry home to relieve the weight of MY luggage. aww=)

after waving gudbye to us at heathrow, mom went thru the security check at the departure hall. unfortunately the handcarry failed the scan. mom was like... huh? impossible leh! i knew abt the 100ml rules. i had packed those containing liquid in my check-in luggage.. how can anything go wrong?

n the officers took the hand carry for a THOROUGH search.*totally freak my mom out* *her effort in packing the hand carry went down the drain* **NOOOOO!**

they ransack every corner, unwrap every paper to check out wat dangerous stuff my mom was carrying so that she can threaten the air stewardess to upgrade her to 1st class and.. AND take home wif her more mas blankets muahaha. well u may not understand this joke until u go to my house n find not 1 but 2 mas blankets n ask for urself how the heck did the 2 mas blankets end up in my house?! yeh si lai power!!

back to the story, the officer found this.

hi i'm manneken pis! i know where u r looking...
curious to know y does it look so strange over there heh? tsk tsk.. pervert!

here's another angle.

u r rite... i'm a bottle opener cum corkscrew! 2-in-1.. ain't i a wonderful creation?
n look at me sideways, ain't i SHARP?

ahhh... ya ya ya... u r SOO SHARP!!
so obviously there's a sharp object in my hand carry! sharp enuf for my mom to poke the air stewardess' butt until she bleed n make her obey my mom's request. hence the need for scanning n the tight security.

gah! how cud i carelessly forget abt this?
poor mom.. she din know abt this boy. cos i had wrapped it nicely wif sponge n newspapers.
that totally corkSCREWed my mom's mood. bcos she had spent the nite bfor packing very systematically, neatly n optimising every possible space.
the officer insisted it's his job to repack but my mom insisted that he can't pack it the way she'd packed it n she wans to pack it by her own... i dunno how she settled it but she muz b grumbling in her mind...
ah gal~ ah! y din u tell me earlier? c la c la everytime do things so careless 1... c la c la u caused such a big mess again. nx time ah~ u muz b more careful u know... muz rmb u know... now small matter... nx day big matter how?! i ask u how?! haiyo cannot forever lidat 1 la. muz change ur attitude la~~
ahhhh... gosh! i was glad i was not there keke. hmm but she's got her point. stop being so clumsy lin-sama!

oh wait. i missed the important part. well given such situation, v had to say byebye to manneken pis n he had to r.without.p in the bin. BUT the officer is such a nice guy, i think he's a leng chai, he told my mom it's cute n if any1's out there to pass it to.
AND thanx to pfong who craved for coffee suddenly n took sum time to buy a cuppa costa coffee... v were stil at the airport while dad called me. so the manneken pis was safely passed to my hand. thanx pfong, u saved my manneken pis.... TWICE! ah u deserve this... MUAKKS!


this is the box containing 400g of leonidas chocolates, nicely tied wif leonidas ribbon.
so lovely rite?

so tempting rite?

since ed din follow us to this brussels-amsterdam trip... i told him i wud share the whole box of chocs wif him but v need to space out, bcos it's too sinful to have them all in 1 go.

everytime he came to my place he wud grab that box of choc n ask.. can v? wif a mengada face. how cud u resist those chocs rite? so v wud each take 1 pc.. take a bite n savour it to our heart's content. mmMMMM~~~!!! every lil piece is a pleasant surprise=) u dunno wat flavour u'll get. n u dunno wat filling wil BURST into ur mouth n MELT onto ur palate when u take that 1st bite.

sumtimes v were so conviced that the other got the tastier 1 so v wud forcefully snatch a bite bfor it's too late. but if i chose 1 which is so-so to my liking, i'll volunteerily gave him the remainder half.. keke. very gan leh. wat to do... only bought 1 box... so precious!! n v finished it in like 3 days. wahh such discipline!

i've seen leonidas in other countries but they sell at much higher price. isshh! see i'm a person wif no foresight! i shud've bought more than 1 box in belgium! well i stumbed upon leonidas at mvalley last month so if 1 day i have the urge to savour those chocolates again, i don need to go to belgium. but the price shud b omg-ly expensive... so, have to work hard!

now y am i employed but stil not working???

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