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Zaanse Schans & Volendam

10th April 2008

go holland muz see windmills n buy clogs rite?? *typical tourist* so after an exciting day at the city, the next thing wud b exploring the countryside.

it took us 35 mins of train ride from amsterdam city to arrive at zaanse schans.. don ask me how to pronounce.. i have no idea too!

when v get off the ferry, v saw this. n v went WOW! such clear reflection!

don u juz love countryside houses?

n yey, that's wat v r here for! windmill!

this 1's a mustard mill if i'm not mistaken.

once upon a time, there r thousands of traditional windmills here but now their job r taken over by very high-tech fugly-looking thin white windmills. hence there r only 10 gud o' windmills or so left, stretching along the lakeside to please tourist like me. *sigh* the world's changing such a fast pace.

such beautiful scenery muz have ME in it.

issh leg kangkang!

luckily i have back up this time!

can u spot 2 smiley face in this pic? ngeh ngeh... so cute!


we paid 2 euros to visit 'de kat'. the owner sayang his cat very much so he named his windmill after his cat. so it's called de kat, as in the cat. haha so lame...

need to climb lotsa narrow stairs to get here. n apparently, it has sth to do wif producing dyes.

at the balcony of the 'de kat'

overlooking this field. the view at the balcony is simply refreshing!

trust me, the windmill at the background is turning!! *excited* org bandar nvr see bfor.

wonder wat i do i mean by balcony? now see this.

can u spot the difference btw these 2 photos??? 1..
5.. ok 5 secs gone. u reli need lao hua specs if u can't spot it.

answer: 1st pic taken by khoe, 2nd pic taken by pfong. get it rite? give urself an eye massage to reward ur gud eyesight.

well it worked like this. khoe had to wait for all of us to climb up to the balcony so that he can take the pic for us, then only he can pay 2 euros to come in n join us. but it's his idea anyway muahaha.

cheese factory.

in holland, they produce gouda cheese. which is these round round thingy.

haha! DUTCH LADY! say cheeeeeese=) but she's not milking cows. she's selling cheese made from cow's milk.

i absolutely love cheese! n i bought the original flavour! n i have another story to tell abt the cheese. n i'm not telling ya in this post. nyeh nyeh...

giant clogs! obviously v r now at the clog factory.

this guy demonstrate how to manufacture a pair of clogs.. wif canggih machine. n he finished up a pair in like 2 mins. wow.

n he's trying to tell us that clogs r very durable, n u r supposed to wear it wif a pair of thick wool socks. neh.. imagine wearing clogs to walk around kl, my gudness! not only it's soo damn hard n uncomforable, the kik kik kok kok sound alone is enuf to drive me mad.

ok... time to spend money. i bought 2 pairs of clogs in this shop. no, they r not cheap but i was in a clog collecting frenzy at that moment. after this holland trip, i end up having many pairs of clogs.. of all sizes.. from very big to very small.. tsk tsk waste money!! y din i have the foresight to save some euros so that i can buy more murano glass in italy!!

on the evening, v catch a bus from amsterdam city to a fishing village... volendam.

v had a nice seafood dinner in 1 of the cosy restaurnats here. i only said it's nice, bcos personally i don like fresh seafood to b battered n deep fried. damn sayang u know.

omg.. if only pulau ketam can look like this...

n that's it. i love countryside day!! those photos don reli do justice to the beauty of these places.. luckily i stil had those picturesque moments in my mind=)

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