Monday, 3 March 2008

of SNOW! n CPP essay...

weekly rhapsodee: 3rd - 9th march

3rd march: it snowed in glasgow! damn excited since the moment i crawl out of bed. in n out, in n out... v went out of the house 3 times for the SNOW! semangat~

1st time: not snowing adi but everywhere was covered wif a thin layer of snow... stil happy.

snowman n sexy snowbabe ini bikini.. wiu-wit!

2nd time: bfor i cud settle down, omg... it snowed again!

me n 38 housemates (except the si gu gu 1) ran out to play wif the snow. v ran abt, taste the snow... n got excited like budak kecik.

haha competing to c who collect the moz snow flakes on their hair.

n yeh... i got a lot! i think i won!

well if there is 1 moment that i shud rmb abt snowing in glasgow... this is it! it's such a wonderful feeling to b embraced by nature!! it's freedom n tranquility that i felt while sitting on the grass n let the snow shower all over me... from my gloomy n confused 'transition state' in imu days, i'm glad that i slowly find myself during my stay abroad. n this snow shower juz happen to remind me of this.

bfor i cud open my comp, WHOA yau lei!! this time it's a heavier.

waa luckily my window was repaired rite in time.

*catch catch catch... aww damn fun catching the snow flakes. juz a tip for u guys how to recognise my hand. c my last finger FOREVER cacat 1, don ask me y i dunno!

in case u wonder wat's this... i'm sticking my head out of the window to collect snow flakes. "the stunt was performed by well-trained professional. don try this at home."

the snow gets heavier n heavier n FUYOH! look at this...

can't tahan adi... went out 3rd time for more pics.

tralalalala... byk-nya bintik-bintik putih! so beautiful!

ill ill ill.. PINK! oh wth the fact that i was in this oversized liong pink jacket n oily hair killed the beauty of the pic.

wahaha that helmet hair was a bigger laughing stock compared to my pink jacket. it made me =barberBarbara= ytrday.

then v compact the snow into a snowball... no, not having snowball fight. instead v attacked the J2 windows muahaha... yeh yeh it's so FUN but too bad my snowballs were alwiz not on target *eesshh!
- 3 eskimos posing wif phone booths

on the way to tesco... weee stil snowing!

the whole day was pretty much distracted by the snow n not much progress on cpp essay. mayb it's the mind-cleansing effect of the snow, my cpp headache (literally) was gone!

this was the enjoyable kind of heavy snow... not the crazy blizzard at cairngorm mountain that made u crying for home! oh reminds me that i stil i haven't write on my skiing trip ahhhhhh...


4th march: i look into the the mirror n i look like shit, i look around my room n my room look like shit.

i feel like a junkie... *harh... a seaweed junkie la. can't stop eating it. when i get so sick of my CPP essay i have to eat it!!... psychological dependence...

luckily it's a healthy snack.

pretty stressed out wif cpp cos i dunno which shud b my recommended therapy since i don have enuf info to help me decide! it's reli insecure to think that i may head the wrong direction how how how?!

finally, my mind was set to support drug A.

5th march: i was rite behind that pepsiholic but *bam the door was locked! thanx to hsheong, i got in the classroom at last tho it took quite awhile. it muz b that day of the month for mr. pepsiholic... kesian the presenters. he later punished the absentees to write an essay abt professionalism n apology letters for those who were present.


y izzit that only my group was punished? other grps leh? yalar yalar my grp don have ang moh, don have nagging murray, don have sushi bday gal. alwiz so inorganised n likes to make changes at short notice! c'mon who shud b writing an essay abt professionalism...

on that nite itself... i suddenly came across a finding that made me switch to drug B... harh after all the research i done on drug A... =stressedSheryl=

6th march: mind finally set on drug B.

7th march: changed my mind to no absolute recommendation. A or B, depends on the patient la. due to my fickle-mindedness throughout the entire week, swirling between 2 options, i only managed to pass up w/o final editing by 4.40pm. that was close! gan cheong like hell! luckily it's only a 2 mins walk to uni.

when i got home, the adrenaline rush ceased n so did the adrenaline effect. off to bed... k. o. -ed.



yi shan said...

oii.. so fun to read ur blog la... dunno when u updated dis blog.. now only i notice its existence.. haha.. n it reli cheers me up ^o^

lin said...

aiyo u leave comment here so bei min o haha... gan dong si le.

haha i do the writing n u do the talking lo... tgt v cheer each other up in this very sien moment muahaha.