Monday, 10 March 2008

Election 2008!

for 50 yrs of independence in a so called 'democratic' country, 1st time... v get a sweet taste of DEMOCRACY! as a msian citizen, v have all the reasons to rejoice! *pops champagne

libra's 2/3 majority was denied, 5 states were conceded to the oppostition party. wat a crazy crazy feat man! muahaha it's the AGE of INTERNET!

hah so wat, u think u can stop raja petra, u think u can sue namewee, even if u bought over all the mainstream media in msia, u can't hide wat u did, ppl wil know, bcos this is the age of internet!!!

u think u can shut the mouths of the bloggers... look where's jeffooi, hah azalina ur turn to shut up!
u think u can suppress the voice of a mass rally by spraying tear gas n detaining the leader... well manoharan tastes victory while laying his ass in kamunting detention camp.

pak lala n gang muz b dumbfounded.
mr. semi-value has not much of value left.
guan eng waves gudbye to koh (shu) koon.
chew si lai goes home n bake cookies.

n moz rakyat malaysia hollered, yeh!!!

well of course it's too early to say anything since the government is not formed n v have yet to see how the opposition parties perform to serve the rakyat. or wil they too b corrupted by power n wealth? don disappoint us la weh. v'll c.

*i heard michael buble singing ---> it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life~~~~*


5am!! wat a record! damn siao. this is the 2nd FIRE ALARM that went off in the WEEEE hrs IN A WEEK! the 1st time pfong n i were very excited, indeed v were the 1st to rush out of the building (am i dreaming or wat?) n find it even funnier when v c the smoke came out of our living room window haha. *dup dup heart skipped a bit. oh gosh it cudn't b us who cause every1 walking out in the pjs rite?! 2 chickens so afraid to b cursed by fellow batchmates. phew luckily not us haha. but hey 2nd time in a week is no more fun ok, ya ya curse the angmoh downstairs!


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ti3nD said...

haha. the first time oso ntg to do with u all bah. cos u all still blurred when u were out. but jaga ur other hse punya hsemates lorh. haha jkjk. lolz.

the 2nd time lagi geng. ang moh lui shi. 5am. -__-"