Thursday, 28 February 2008


last fri: full stop to cny celebration. it ended wif a diff note tho.

was rushing my research project results (last min again) til 6 sth. *gan cheong. even a bitch yelling at a mathafarkin decibel outside the block din quite bother me, ah another blardy drunkard again i tot.

later only i found out that it ain't a blardy drunkard! there's reli a commotion outside involving sum of our batchmates wif balls n... 3 THIEFs!!

so there's a THEFT in JBC!

n GAH... 1 of the theft victims was actually MY BF!!! (usually in those drama series, the gf shud have an instinct suddenly to open the window n check out wat's going on outside... nah, it's tested n it's not true.)

below is a summary of the incident. they may not b in order. i'm not a witness n the victim suck in giving full account of the incident.

  • dear found that he's laptop was closed. he's sure he left the laptop open. *sniff sniff* sth's fishy!

  • confirm housemates din touch laptop. PJ go check his room.

  • laptop's gone!!! window left open n he saw a man lying uncounsious outside, AH the THIEF! (harh 3 metres away from ground only wor... padan muka!)

  • dear n guys ran out to confront the baddies.

  • dear ran back to room to check whether he lost anything. sei foh! his wallet n lau beh handphone gone!

  • PJ's laptop recovered from the unconsious baddy. dear cudn't find his stuff.

  • commotion got more chaotic!

  • dangerous-looking baddy came shooing the guys off by threatening them wif a big glass beer bottle.

  • female baddy helped the slowly-regaining-consciousness baddy to flee

  • dangerous-looking baddy followed suit

  • the guys chased down different paths but lost track of the baddies

  • patrol car came. dear n PJ hop on patrol car hoping to track down the baddies

then the WEIRDEST thing happen!!!

the dangerous-looking baddy with the beer bottle REAPPEAR rite bside the patrol car!!


but WHY? why did he came back to the crime scene? even the stupidest thief on earth won do that! is he on drug influence? or is there sth in his mind that v dunno? WEIRD!!!

  • dear's wallet n sum contents were found in the laundry.

according to every1's detective-ish mind, the thief' muz've been hiding in the LAUNDRY. WY even claimed that he cudn't go into the laundry at 4.30pm that day cos sum! was blocking the door from inside! the laundry gives easy access to the units above! the thiefs muz've been eyeing on dear's unit for sum time. juz happen that many ppl went in n out, nobody bother to lock the door that day n so the baddies had chance to sneak in!! 1 of them went back to the laundry after stealing the wallet. either same/different baddie went into PJ's room n upon hearing sumbody's coming in, he clumsily jumped off the window as fast as possible n *boom.. hence the bad landing.

  • a team of very yeng CID. gives ppl impression that they r very efficient.. yi ga mm hai si bit yiu lei gong, dan lei soh gong geh yat chai jiong wui seng wai cheng tong zheng gong.

  • 1 by 1 had their statement recorded... word by word.

dear's losses-IC, driving license, sum valuable cards, a box of coins, lau beh handphone.

PJ-laptop, 1 handphone n 1 camera retrieved. he din know that he's camera was stolen until he saw it in the evidence bag wahaha. another handphone lost.

lesson to learn: LOCK ur DOOR. LOCK ur LAPTOP (that's y dear's laptop was safe).

after that i treated my poor stomach wif a great steamboat dinner, yippie got prawns n porridge-based steamboat!. ala it's supposed to b a perfect postponed chap goh meh celebration if not marred by that crazy incident. it's stil a merry affair nonetheless.

i sincerely pray that u get all ur belongings back.. esp the IC n the driving license. wu wu who to chauffeur me around nx time... haih juz when i tot that the glasgow police department is very efficient.... v'll c!


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