Friday, 28 March 2008

of youtube n deadlines.

it's interchange btw winter n spring. felt pretty gud. however it's oso the deadlines' season, or rather the Deadliest season in MPharm degree. damn!

i know i know i can't do assignments any earlier... i juz have to do it last min AGAIN!

so i tot... gotta cut down the time on cooking, bathing, fat ngau dau, grocery shopping, pak toh, talk crap bla bla... n i did! so that i can stay more in my room n get focused wif my pharmcare essays.. note the S.

... which is totally STUPID! since i've got an awfully short attention span, i shud've known it CAN'T work!

so instead of reading more journals, i was blog-hopping, youtube-ing n anime-ing EXCESSIVELY, the rate rising exponentially samo. well at least i know i'm not alone =)

n then i discovered sth! haha not a big thing unless u r a fan.

i was watching LMF's videos on youtube, not the S again keke. gosh i luv LMF since my secondary skool days! *nostalgic* they were the ones i listened to in the hk scene.. bsides beyond n king lychee. but i din buy their album, 1. i was juz a kong shue sang,
(c i don buy ciplak lou fan, i stand on high moral grounds, kerana gua punya moral dapat A1 muahaha )
2. i was too chicken to play songs like h** g* l**g rite into mummy's ears. how sinful is that!
(c i respect my parents... ppl who listen to 1 or 2 foul language songs r not bad kids ok.. LMF is educational)

STOP! *the trademark pfong way**
i think i swayed away from my main pt. i said i discovered sth rite?

while watching 1 of the LMF's video... i spotted a guy. i tot to myself. "hey this guy look like 李灿森 la so funny 1"... secs later... "waa reli look like him wor"...

WAIT A MIN! it IS sam lee! according to my observant eyes.

yeh it's this comical dude playing comical roles in slap-stick hk movies.

so i decided to googled a bit n CONFIRMed.. this dude was once a member of LMF!!

shame on u lin-sama... how dare u claim urself a LMF fan!

sheez i nvr know abt this until few days ago, long after they disbanded... i'm so outdated weh. only know of MC Yan rapping in that pervert edison's songs.. wasted wasted.

o' skool metal rap rocks man!

buy ORI! this is a community msg, brought to u by rhapsodisiac.


n i made a promise to myself not to fool around anymore... it's final yr project. it's hell lotsa credits don play play.

after making that promise... i slept at 4am ytrday. i watch anime non-stop for hrs... n then went on to finish up manga.. that's it! no more anime/ manga til 4th april. of course stil can watch tvb drama la.. if ban that oso wil b too cruel to myself liao.

n then today, went to library wif pfong. can u blif it?! i went to the LIBRARY! borrowed sum books on molecular modelling n drug design. shit i don even know how to borrow books, gud that i went wif pfong, well she din know how to return books either.. muahaha.

BOOKS! tsk tsk so proud of myself n yes... =hardworkingHillary= is in da house.


yieng said...

wei..yieng here la..
i just came across your blog..
and aku juga peminat LMF!! haha..though might not be as avid as you are but i like LMF because of SAM LEE la..wakakaka

lin said...

hey this is a pleasant surprise. welcome here!

oh so nice to hear that u like them too. bu kui shi born on same year same month same day.. sama taste wahaha.