Thursday, 20 March 2008


=stressedSheryl= : omg omg anime tvb drama entertainment shows... episode after episode... r u out of ur mind??? u have 1 1/4 essay + 3 portfolios to go!!!

=selambaStella= : relak la sheryl-sama... damn whoever who postponed the deadline to nx tues, made me lost all sense of urgency n sense of crisis liao...

=stressedSheryl= : @#$%^&*#
*pokes a needle into stella's butt
5 mg/ml sense of urgency i.v
ngek ngek ngek!!

oops stil blogging crap... gtg!


ti3nD said...

aiikkksss... i thanked the gal who made our dateline postponed pulak.

Gambateh bah! u can eat ur 'yu tau mai' after that liao. ahhaha.

lin said...

of all ppl u can thank... u go n thank that nagging murray?? ill!

i think i made too mcuh noise abt yu tau mai in nemo until u rmb haha! yalor yalor i sooo looking forward to that, hope they have yu tau mai in their lunch menu... if no then reli wan to faint.

lin said...

n oso, i hope that the debate that u mentioned in ur blog has resolved.. compromise.. peace!

u update ur blog so damn frequent man.. wan to comment oso can't keep up to ur pace haha.

ti3nD said...

nolarh. anyhow, i need that extention of dateline. so bor bian larh.

we oso dont like her geh. n if u rmb a Si ba poh who shouted during my gp presentation from eyo, that is HER.

yeah peace. tq. lolz.

ti3nD said...

n yes, u missed ur yu tau mai. nex time go eat again lorh. lunch set mm dai!!!!