Sunday, 30 March 2008

i baked cakes! no high expectation pls.

gosh totally forgot abt this post n let it rot for a long long time... so convenience sake, i'll juz wrap 2 events in 1 post.. since it's all abt CAKE.


25th march: our body system is such a wonderful piece of god's creation. as if i don know after yrs of studying that complicated n yawn-induced biology.

was rushing my arse off at last min. sympathetic activity predominates in my body. heart beating faster n harder, don feel hungry, don feel like going to jamban, armpit's sweat glands gone hyper (yerrr!) yeah my body is practically in fight or flight mode... all to prepare myself for writing up the last bit of words n hand in my assignment.

previously, my adrenaline rush ceased rite at the moment i pass up my cpp essay. so after pharmcare essay deadline, tot i'll juz k.0 on my bed, instead i was tossing n turning... strange... my body was stil pumping adrenaline to bind the adrenoceptors. i got up, wander in the kitchen for awhile. at the spur of the moment, hey let's bake a cake!

went to aldi to get sum stuff. passed by kebab shop. at the spur of the moment, shan suggested to da bau kebab. i quicky agreed cos i din have a proper lunch. when the kebab was ready, at the spur of the moment, v ate there straightaway instead of da bau. mmm~~

total RANDOMNESS. i'm loving it=)

gee back to the cake part.
bug jenny, the cake sifu for the simplest recipe possible. our 1st cake.. BUTTER CAKE!
this was our 1st baking session, while moz of our multi-talented batchmates cum future super wives cum future loving moms r oredi cake sifu. *malu

1. melt 250g butter n 190g sugar.

oh jenny even added that the recipe is fool-roof. wow.. in the hands of 3 clumsy stooges, nth is fool-proof man. stressed!

2. beat the mixture wif 4 eggs, cocoa powder n a quarter of milk.

3. pfong: hey how much milk?

me: 250ml.

4. 250ml of milk was poured into the mixture.

v beat n chat for a very long time. then v realise that hey there's sth wrong wif the consistency. y izzit stil so WATERY? oh gosh did i juz splash too much saliva into the mixture?

it muz b the milk! too much milk la.

me: jenny reli said 1 quarter de wor.

shan: ya it's 1 quarter. but jenny said it's 1 quarter of a normal cup o.

me: *faint.
my brain: 1 quarter= 1 quarter of 1 litre= 250mL. walao how can i ever assume like that?? 250mL= 2 normal cups! no wonder so watery la. oopsie!

well the moz za dou thing is that... yes yes i hope u've spotted it... that ms cheong hor... she witnessed us measuring the 250ml of milk n pouring into the mixture, AND she's the 1 who knew that it's 1 quarter of a normal cup. how come she din stop us?? well her answer was.. i can't connect both things tgt.



then v started to dump more raising flour, more eggs, more butter, more sugar, more cocoa butter.. more of everything! oh no.. our 1st time baking a cake... y so cruel? foolproof oso boleh jadi macam ni. MALU!

it took us hrs n finally.... freshly baked from oven.

i named it 天崩地裂. it's obvious!

mmm... luv the crust.. very crunchy. i alwiz like to eat crust! inside... aiya bit too moist. but overall, after the mistakes n chaos, n everything out of proportion.. v stil can come out wif this. pat on the shoulder~~~


5th april: gosh that 1st cake was after my pharmcare essay deadline n now time for the 2nd cake, after my research project deadline. well it either proves how fast time passes or how inefficient of me in updating my blog.

oh did i juz say 2nd cake??

so this time it's shan who took the initiative to find recipe.
MARBLE CAKE. n weirdly they have vague instructions on choc frosting.

so everything went well this time. measurements ALL correct!! consistency.. nice. n v alternate the mixture to get the marble effect.. nice.

tho v kinda doubt that frosting. it looks so watery that v keep adding more choc n bit of flour. well... it's reli risky, n intuition juz got me that it'll do better w/o that frosting. anyway juz give it a go! it shud turn out ok.

so halfway when the cake's almoz ready, (well it looks 'done' to me. gosh it has this nice marble pattern in it , v were sooo happy!!), v poured the choc frosting over the cake n shoved into the oven.

n erm... times up! so eager to c wat we've got. n oh-my-god...


the supposedly nice-looking n nice-tasting cake juz turn to this horrible choc shit! ill!

c.. the marble effect was gone!!

sadla... thanx to that STUPID CHOC FROSTING. the instruction juz ended at the pt when the mixture was done n din told us wat to do wif it! n ppl who r noob in cake-baking juz don have the sense to do the rite thing.

well v did finish a lot of it anyway haha.

pls pls pls no more failure ok. that's so demoralising n resource-wasting. guess v r stil not the multi-talented batchmate cum gud future super wive cum future lovin' mom material muahaha. cheh like i wan to b 1..


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