Saturday, 15 March 2008

FOOD food food...

counting house
the goose
drums n monkeys

oh wait i'm not having a trip to the ZOO ok.

these r pubs/bars that v dined in truout our stay in glasgow- places that v can afford (named after animals samo). but nth is more satisfying than having a meal with Fantabulous Food from our homeland... esp when u r abroad for soo many months n u miss the food haven that u hailed from so dearly...

n whoala... on 8th march: a lunch outing to a newly opened msian restaurant near our area...
RUMOURS! i forgot to wrap this up in my weekly rhapsodee of 3rd - 9th march.

v were in time for the set lunch. 6.50 pounds for starter, main plus tea.

cute rooster tea set... aww i miss hiong pin, gok bou n long jeng...

recommended starter: satay!! tho it looked more like chicken skewer, the sos! my gudness! reli satay sos yo, dun play play.

the sambal egg n acar were very nice too. juz not as dai as the satay. dah la the egg n shredded vege r cheaper than chicken meat, they samo served in smaller portion pulak!

ta-dah~ my dish.. pineapple fried rice. tot it's gonna b sth exotic.. served in a real pineapple wif very rich thai taste to it. dsshh... too high expectation =( but surely taste much better than my own fried rice keke.

c.. got prawn n fish cake... mmmm!!

shan's nasi lemak. sambal up to msian std in ang moh country! wat a rare gem. muz try!

char kuey teow... not bad too!

the way the si tau po switched effortlessly btw mandarin n cantonese ... ahhh confirm kaki-nang la... it felt SOOO GOOD to b in the cosy cafe that after finishing the food, v juz chatted n chatted like any ordinary yam cha session in kl. it shud b named GOSSIPS la~

when v asked for the bill, found that the si tau po gai cho sou. since v r kaki-nang, v pointed out that she counted 1 set less, damn HONEST weh!! if it's in a pub/bar, v wud've fled the place like road runnner as soon as v paid the bill. *beep beep

yeh defly gonna go back again!


10th march: movie outing at cineworld. v watched national treasure. wa long time din watch movie adi, 2nd movie outing in glasgow since transformers haha! n here, the movies r WAY outdated compared to msia. pathetic! anyway the movie boleh tahan la.

well gud things alwiz come later. after that, v went to MUSSEL INN! yes, they served mussels. n yes, i ordered half kilo of mussels in cheese, bacon n cream. (5.30 pounds, gud deal!). waaa damn deprived of seafood weh!!! so me n dear decided to add on half dozen of oysters. u hear me rite... chilled oysters!

the mussels went reli well wif the flavour! v were hoping that they wil serve extra bread since our batchmates said they wil, but dunno la.. mayb v yong soih.. v din get extra bread=(

the oysters were so yummi-ly fresh! it's so smooth.. juz 1 slurp n felt like it melted in my mouth... WOW! that was a great dinner.

12th march: dear had diarrhoea until fatigue got over him, his hands n legs went numb. time to nurse a big baby... tho my porridge cooking skill hasn't reli improve haha...
so cud it b the oysters on 10th march?? hmm...


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