Monday, 24 November 2008

wait wait wait i stil haven't finish blabbing. u know wat... v saw NAMEWEE! u know... that COOL DUDE who sang negaraKUKU, 麻坡的华语, n almoz got his butt at kamunting detention camp.

yes v freaaaking bump into NAMEWEE at the buntayan food court last week! he juz randomly da bao sum food over there n by the time v realised IT's HIM.. he walked pass the foodcourt n disappear. ahhhh! *totally starstruck!*... okla not that kua jiong. but reli wan to run up to him lo.. take a pic, have a small chat.. at least i'll have proof that i din chia dua pao at my blog. he's hair is kinda long now n he ties them up wif a white bandana. ah! stil as cool as ever.

watch out ppl! mayb i'll b featured in his NEXT MUSIC VIDEO... who knows haha! there he goes rapping...

麻坡的 pharmacist
jin jia beh pai
patient 可以信赖
doctor 也要闪开

wahahaha.... perasan!!!!!!! issh i hate myself.
but at least it rhymes! my 1st attempt writing lyrics.. in like 2 mins.. che wa!

seriously if v get to make frens wif him, that's like godsent for getting muar kakaka.


ohya i'm not done yet. KLites.. pls look out for me!
i need to get a standing mirror.. y'know those kind wif wheels.. cos i'm a considerate tenant *ahem* i don wan to bang a paku on phek joo's walls. i've been wearing contact lens wif my instinct n urrgghh... very mang zang.. it's reli hard to fit it onto ur iris properly esp when u r kinda groggy in the morning. and and.. my hair. my clothes. do i look fine? i seriously dunno. see! need to get mirror.

mirror aside, i need to get a hi-fi! live w/o music seriously sucks. juz realise that the music library in my laptop is kinda pathetic. n youtubing is reli a pain in my arse. by the time i finished blogging.. the song is not even 50% loaded. *vomit blood* no mood to youtube watsoever. reli crave for those high end hi-fi but i cudn't afford. so price muz b reasonable wif gud sound quality cos i need to blast tmn sg abong indah wif nirvana neil young n sum psychedelic rock stuff, muz b able to fit into the car boot.. bla bla.. i juz wan to get a nice hi-fi asap.

my room is seriously in need of these 2 things. do check out for me!


mingying said...

oi..muar pharmacists can rap oso!!haha...ur poem cracked me up larr..wah so kewl can c him!!!seems like ur life in muar quite interesting and fun lerr..shud explore more like going to batu pahat to visit zi bi pf and force her to bring u ard..enjoy ur life in johor!!(wahhhh..stay in big house summore..rili enjoy life lerr!!:P)

kha hong said...

sui lin.. u make me miss muar only!! haha..
though i dont think i will see Namewee coz i seldom go out la.. haha

EniaL3 - LyN said...

wei lin,
u getting ever hyper...
speaking more hokkien than i ever known u... lol
good la u... go johor never tell me... haiz... my lou po...~

ti3nD said...

yalor mm seng mm seng, hak yan yak geng! can rap for pharmacist pulak. haha!!

pc fair is coming this 12-14th dec. get speakers there haha.