Saturday, 13 December 2008


EEerhh~~~AAahhh~~~ *juz stretching my arms n legs all u dirty minds* how i wish i can indulge my senses in sum kinda luxury spa wif aromatherapy, do sum acrobatic stunts at a thai massage, or get a ticklish n scream-inducing chinaman foot massage!

or or i can alwiz have retail therapy ngeh ngeh... when oh when can i get my 1st ever paycheque??.. ok not 1st la... 1st from lousy premiership 2nd from blue arrow... only 3 paycheques at glasgow tat can't even total up to 100 pounds.. i'm such a lazy ass. ok my point is.. my 1st paycheque as a PHARMACIST... ~tra la la la la...... la la la la~.... get it? get it? that ever so poplular xmas tune! nvm. ain't it great to have ur paycheque out like RITE BFOR festive seasons.. shop n boom the country's economy.. ah i know i'm patriotic.

was thinking how to heal my sore legs n now i'm talking abt retail therapy.. ya gals r contradicting.

yes ppl i'm at OPD. outpatient. or acronym for Otak Pening Department. it is. literally. this aptly explains y i've not been blogging for so many weeks. well hmm it oso means that i'm slowly getting a LIFE in muar! MUARhaha!

1st week was all abt having face as thick as great wall of china n learning from scratch.

i confidently told the patient to cuci kepala wif cetrimide shampoo until she gave me that 'harh? wat's wrong wif my hair ' look. omg! how wil i know that shampoo can ALSO b used to wash face n treat acne wor?!

i told patient to sapu chlorhexidine at his luka (antiseptic wat not meh?!) when pjoo cut in n said ni utk sapu pusat bayi. nani?! -_-lll *embarassed n demoralised*

n then on haji i had to work from 6pm to 9.30pm. DAMN sucky to work on a public holiday ok! but hey i'm a profesional, i'm here bcos the ppl need me. che wa! instantly felt better until....

1st i dunno how to handle the comp, then i can't spot common mistakes in the rx n then i was not sure wat's the suitable dose of cefuroxime n augmentin to recommend to the doctor ALL of which the pembantu can do it effortlessly. *shame shame*

well there r juz too many times where i felt embarassed n demoralised until i forgot wat r those incidents. sumtimes i juz wonder does the 3 n a half yrs of tertiary education plus the master of pharmacy certificate (che wa so yeng lidat rite... MASTER!) actually prepare me to b a qualified pharmacist in msia's hospital setting. see.. frust again.

ok at least the gud thing abt opd is.. time passes sooo damn fast cos every sec u r doing STH.

juz when u tot screening is juz pressing numbers n assigning the rx to diff counters...
eh can i get it faster? i got 1 medicine only ma. eh i stay very far 1 la come here take medicine very cham 1 la. eh my son not free to fetch me here can give me all in 1 go? eh who who who die adi i need to go back faster give me 1st la! *then go private hosp la! haiyoooo!*

or there'll b situations like eh this 1 no cop doc i can't dispense to u. can u go back to the doctor n get it? (walao u think i write myself 1 ah.. u call the doctor walk down n cop for me la!) *chill man chill! i can't do anything ok! it's the doctor's fault go n scold him la y come n scold me wor!!!*

oh ya i can now dispense like a robot. ni ubat darah tingii 1 biji sehari ni ubat jantung 1 biji makan 3 kali sehari ni ubat cair darah setengah biji larut dlm air minum selepas makan... brain cells totally in dormant form when i was mumbling those stuff. n sumtimes u juz wanna pity the patient taking ALL the classes of antihypertensives available n i seriously wonder... yao mou! yao gam kua jiong mou?! like do u reli reli need all 6 antiypertensives at 1 go.. wahpiang! izzit reli that all these patients' bp r not controlled or r they juz not being compliant n doc wil tot that adding 1 more antihypertensive wil solve the prob. dahlah v dot not enuf medicine simply prescribe samo n patient not taking medicines n then it'll all b wasted n there goes our meagre budget n the taxpayer's money n the prob is STIL never ending like when is this gonna end WTF!

many patients like to hand over their numbers to u n say oh ni dah terlepas n u'll have to squat down n ransack that humongous pile of bakuls to find THAT PARTICULAR NUMBER. halo! can v have a better system... imagine squatting down n get up every 5mins... postural hypotension gao gao ok! after few terlepas prescription.. i'm seriously NAUSEUOS i'm not kidding!

man n then u freak out cos u can't find the number, u search the entire opd high n low for the number but stil nowhere to b found. more bakuls r piling behind. STRESSED! then the patient wil continue to irritate u. where r my medications? cb y u all so inefficient 1? huuuu my parents oso nvr scolded me lidat.

or or u'll find urself arguing wif sum very stubborn pts n slow everything down. y the medicine diff adi 1? (diff but same function 1.) last time not this color 1 leh! (it's same thing juz diff brand!) but they juz DON'T wan to listen to u n keep arguing that it's different n n keep insist they wan the prev med!!! DUUHHHHH!!! [n hor sum schizo pts damn hard to deal wif lo!] weii y color diff adi 1? (mayb ur condition is getting better n doc decided to reduce ur dose=) wat shit r u talking abt! wat getting better! i need that color i wan that color! (**man i shud juz call the doc to maintain the prev dose cos he's OBVIOUSLY not getting any better! then he'll oso go back happily getting the drug of his preferred color win win situation wth dispense to schizo pts oso got yam yeng adi**) n pts r forever asking for panadols or lactulose or any cream for their itchness even tho they understand that v CAN'T supply them when it's not stated in rx. boleh la boleh la can la can la ke yi la ke yi la! (grrrrrr! SHUT UP!)

well after like 1 or 2 days i totally completely absolutely have ZERO EMPATHY / SYMPATHY to rude ppl! can u not b so rude??

then there's this fella who keep snacking in the pantri all the time who can sms while filling who works slower than a snail omg who don give a damn on the number of patients waiting out there and and tis other fella who nvr admit her mistakes who nvr wan to print label n send u searching high n low again for that particular label. they r such a powerful force n the whole gang may boycott me if they accidentally bum into my blog i'm so gonna die i shall live a miserable prp yr ahead wtf but i don care anymore cos it's my blog n i'm gonna rant rant rant rant rant til my heart's content cos there's nth i can do to change the situation cos bosses high up there don reli understand wat v r going tru bla bla bla

rawrrrrrrrrrrr! i'm at my breaking point! i'm impatient anyway since the day i was born. i'll cry n yell until mom stucks the feeding bottle into my mouth muahaha.

it's reli a pressure cooker at muar opd. i mean like where in msia that u'll get such severe medicine shortage prob??!! patients r alwiz in bad mood cos they r forever waiting for their medications for more than an hr n after that v'll tell them v don have this v don have that or v fail to contact doctor. n then all these bengang patients wil come lashing at innocent pharmacists like me. aw!

can v ever have a proper system to inform the doctors that v don have this v don have that so they won keep prescribing this prescribing that so that v won end up calling them n tell them that v don have this v don have that. HOU FAN AH! *ala cyee style*

i'm afraid that a yr from now i'll b this evil cold blooded pharmacist who don give a damn thing abt pt's healthcare n well being anymore. oi meh!

ok rantings aside.. do u know that v act have a pembantu who create this computerised labeling system like wat v had in strathclde pp3. omg! i'm so proud to b a muarian! v don manually write those labels halo hkl ppl.. how COOL v r keke!

all v prps sayang each other n v r lucky to have very helpful frps around. like in opd, v have the ever so chill en. azhar who nvr show any expression even when he's cracking a joke. i was alwiz wondering.. err.. did u or did u not juz joke wif me? (ky says he look like fan shu xian sheng in lao fu zi) n then v have xiao long nu, the moz si man frp whom u'll probably nvr hear her raise her voice in her entire life who oso happens to b the object of pj's n ky's syrup making fantasy. ILL!

n then there's abang mad who alwiz tickle my bones when i was damn tension who told me that it's no fun if patients get their medications w/o waiting when he sees that i was furiously RUNNING around getting my job done n he'll b like JGN LARI! n oso kak yani who secretly type me labels when i failed to find the mysteriously missing bakul!

at the end of the day, if the pt says thank u n left opd wif more understanding on the medications that they r taking, i'll feel like my work is appreciated n i'll b happy. teehee. see.. i'm not alwiz in bad mood like those menopausal aunties wif sagging boobs ok. who knows 1 yr from now i'm this angelic zenny pharmacist dispensing the drugs lovingly to all patients no matter how rude they r... o mei toh fat.


ah forgot to post this entry haha! so outdated liao. i've finished my 4 weeks in opd! byebye opd n sore legs n yummy chewy orange flavoured vitamin c, tdm here i come.

n yooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo! i got my paycheque! weeee! so.... nano or touch? touch or nano? kekekeke. yeh yeh!

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