Monday, 24 November 2008

week 2 & 3

n there i was at inpatient.. or better known as be.ka.lan. wad. blardy hell that's 7 sukukata altgt! it juz get on my nerves when i'm on the phone...

at 1st i'll go helo! selamat pagi! farmasi bekalan wad! *enthusiatic tone* to

helo! farmasi bekalan wad. *sopan tone* to

halo. farmasi.. *boh mood tone* to

ya.. farmasi.. *tak syok tone*

n on bad days.. halo.
then let the nurse go on blabbing n then she'll stop at 1point n ask eh ni farmasi bekalan wad kan? then only i'll reply ya. keke only 3 sukukata.. ha.lo... ya.

there goes my enthusiam. there were juz TOO MANY calls!!! deng! it's so irritating. i need to stop watever i'm doing get up from the chair walk down to the phone take msg pass the msg then come back to my seat again n pick up those prescriptions that r scattered on the floor bcos the fan juz blew them away bcos v at be.ka.lan. wad don have air-cond!

nurses r damn kacau k! not like they call everytime for anything urgent or wat.. n 40% of the calls were asking for mr. tan like hey i know his da' man in inpatient dpt, juz call directly to da man's room la! damn I'M NOT a RECEPTIONIST!

wat i do? record new prescriptions or sambung bekalan/ floor stock into the comp then fill the rite drugs into the rite sampul. ya it's pretty mundane. *yawn yawn* even masalah polypharmacy can b detected by the comp. so wat i've been doing is juz calling the wad nurses y r they giving ranitidine n pantoprazole tgt.. n they'll alwiz tell u oh doctor sudah off pantoprazole la... oiii!! then y did u send in both the sambung bekalan sampul n the new presciptions tgt in the 1st place!

special thanx to yeong ru n boon chuan who taught me from abc 123 to the xyz of how things work at be.ka.lan. wad from day1. if not for them i'll b COMPLETELY LOST. muar has a lot of gud souls u know. *batu pahat prps i'm talking to u*

n our boss mr .tan is another nice but stressed out frp. he'll suddenly sit down n test ur knowledge abt the antibiotics n i'll either hentam a bit or go 'erm... *trying to think very hard but act i don even need to think cos i KNOW that I DUNNO*... erm.. bu zhi dao... or wang ji le... or hao xiang you ting guo... haha wtf. then he'll say nx time don key in the prescriptions blindly... uncle! the pembantu say v were very slow liao leh! no time for this! btw, he's considered the moz eligible bachelor for hos.pi.tal. pa.kar. sul.ta.nah. fa.ti.mah.'s std. so he's a hot item between cyee n hming muahaha.

don get me wrong . i'm very happy in there=) time passed very fast in be.ka.lan. wad cos i've been bz all the time but the great thing is u'll stil get to breathe... curicuri munch a snack bar in the pantry.. chatting wif colleagues n pembantu. it'll turn to slow pace during the afternoon n that's when it's quite relaxing.

but i seem to work overtime compare to the outpatient prps cos blardy nurses have the bad habit of sending in their prescriptions at 4.45pm... n sumtimes tepat tepat at 5pm! oi! y buli us lidat! but v pharmacist sayang our patients=) so even if it's 5pm... v stil dispense the drugs.

as for drama, it'as as gud as zero. the only time when i got a bit pening was when wad 6 n icu requested for bactigras AT THE SAME TIME, n both for URGENT CASES. n then v at be.ka.lan. wad only have 1 MISERABLE BOX which contains only 10 patches! damn kao cham ok!

in the end i open up the box n give 5 to wad 6, 5 to icu. n then pinjam another box from satelite so at last it's 15 patches for icu. BUT THEN, heard that it's for a patient who's got his WHOLE BODY BURNT! for gudness' sake, i dunno wat's the size of the patient, imagine wat can 15 miserable patches do???!!! can't even cover 20% of the fella's body. i juz felt VERY. SORRY.

that's y.. prp in hpsf has the 'privilege' of getting another kind of training that i bet prp from other hosp wil not have. BEGGING for drugs!! seriously weh! v r this poor ok. everytime hosp melaka, tangkak n batu pahat pick up the phone, juz by hearing the word hosp MUar, they so wanna yell buggers, v don have drugs for u!! or hang up immediately. pathetic rite? guess at the end of this 1 yr, i'll b acquiring a new skill keke.

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