Monday, 3 November 2008

working as a pharmacist: week 1


to those who think that i can nvr b the 1st to reach jabatan kesihatan johor *wink wink mying i'm talking abt u*, i was the 1st!! *issh bangganya!* ok 2nd.. cos peiling was like few secs earlier than me. it was 7.30am. sat in front of the bz-chatting staffs but were treated like sum transparent beings wth. watta do.. not their work time yet.

n u know wat... come 8am batchmates started to flock in. like oiiii.... my crafty display of kiasuism serves no purpose at all in the end! finally they distribute the borang. suddenly v were like on AMAZING RACE. every1 was convinced that the posting was on 1st come 1st serve basis. every1 wans to b the earliest to report at menara sarawak (which was 5 mins away from jabatan kesihatan johor)! it's like pitting against each other to get the hosp of ur choice! well or izzit juz kiasuLin haha... so gan jiong u know. *STRESS gau gau*

after handing in the borang (DENG!!! only to fill in 1 page of borang!!! babi!!! y can't v fill in ALL the borang in menara sarawak at 1 go n not let us drive around!!! the office boy can go over to collect wif his bike ok!!!) i rushed down only to find that my kao fu hadn't arrive to fetch me to menara sarawak.

*panick* man i'm in a race!! n the funny thing is that i was the 1st but now i was the LAsT.... LAST!!! can u imagine it??!! wat if i can't get muar?? *panick attack*

luckily pfong gave a lift to menara sarawak. muahahaha how vain i was. the posting was conducted in the same session. n eventually, every1 was happy to get the hosp of their choice. i got MUAR.. *leganya* which is like 2 hrs away from my home sweet home. which is y i make myself so kiasu in the 1st place but act i don even need 1 bit of kiasuism to get it haha.

n i tot i'm gonna sleep in sum kinda creepy hotel in muar or tumpang like a parasite at sum1's place. it's absolutely RIDICULOUS that v only get to know the hosp on the very day u lapor diri AND expect u to work on the very same day AND expect ppl from outstation like me to find a proper accommodation IMMEDIATELY.. blardy stupid inconsiderate garvehmen!

manatau that day my lucky star was twinkling ever so brightly! apparently pj got a house in muar, n i get to sewa a room from him. a big room! n his house got all the facilities a tenant can dream of (even huiming is so tempted!). omg! it's settled IN A DAY! eh so EASY y am i worrying in the 1st place!


n that's how i ended up in muar. the hosp that i'm working is hosp pakar sultanah fatimah. i don understand y they wan to change from the simple hosp muar to a name so la gao like this... fatimah... juz hear the name oso know tak efficient adi. n pakar... kononnya.

it's a hosp where v have INSUFFICIENT budget to buy drugs so patients end up blaming pharmacist for not supplying all their medicines. where patient lose their patience n throw colorful words like CCB at u cos they have to wait 1 to 2 hrs to for their turn. where sum1 tak boleh tahan anymore n write to the column of berita harian to complain abt its lack of medicines' supply. where hardworking n efficient pharmacists like me r working but stil cud't make things any better.

n it's a hosp wif 7 day back to back NIGHT SHIFTS ahhhhh! ok ok i heard that it's easy n stressless to work at nite. but huuuuuu.... i takut hantu! how la lidat?? i won dare to go to the toilet!! but i can't possibly tahan my bladder for 11 hrs rite! huuuuuu... n need to work on weekend oso can't go back kl. n i'll have sleeping probs.. like jet lag.. then my biological clock wil go haywire.. then pimples all over my face. ahhhh! so not looking forward to it.



in STOR department. i was pretty much like a storekeeper clerk secretary assistant officeboy. photostating faxing double checking, running errands for my senior,... count dd stock, supply dd, keep the key to d locker, call pharmaceutical companies, type borang pesanan.. nvr ending documenting work.. 1 leg kick.

my senior frp is a CHINESE.. so v jiang hua yu! yeh yeh! can communicate easily which leads to greater efficiency!! she's fast furious but stil keeping her cool when under pressure from everywhere. being an frp in stor is reli a sucky job. it's ur fault when hosp got not enuf medicine but padahal it's the blardy garvehmen who din allocate budget properly. neh neh those big portions go to hkl n hsa lo. BOOO.

she's very nice. she'll ejek me when i do things slowly... not that i don wan to b efficient... i'm blur, not gud wif m. excel, have sucky short term memory n digest verbal instructions slowly!! when my stomach is growling she'll offer me CHOCOLATE!!

1 day i was being fidgety as usual.. SUDDENLY... my leg accidentally kick the computer's power supply n the comp black out immediately n SHIT i need to retype everything i juz did! instead of scolding me like a zhue tau bing, she said that i'm the moz 'cho loh' prp she's ever seen in her life. muahahahaha... only 2nd day working wif her she knows i'm cho loh adi! smart ah. normally ppl used to b deceived by my innocent face keke.

n u know u r this new kid on the block. need to introduce urself sumtimes when u work wif other ppl. n then it's alwiz ppl get reli confused, whether they shud start their conversation wif me in malay english or mandarin. it's alwiz... u mix ke? u keturunana BABA ke? after introducing myself, it's alwiz like 'oh CINA ke? ingat MELAYU ni... ISSSSHHHH!

it's damn funny to c their embarassed face when they mistaken my race. *slabbing my face wif extra generous amount of skin whitening lotion as i'm typing this wakaka*


well this is the best part of working in garvehmen sector. 2 n half hrs of lunch break! woot can u blif it! went to a jap restaurant... not bad got aircond on a hot sunny n can refill green tea til it turns to colorless tea. n the greatest thing is they have seats where u need to take off ur shoes!! smelly tired bruised feet can finally get out of the socks n breathe sum fresh air! *godsent to my toes* n they serve gud bibimbab too! it's reli great for muar's std u know.

bought bus ticket. reach office like 3 oredi. imagine only left 2 hrs to finish ur stuff! of course can't finish la. in the end i ot for half an hr DENG! time to get out was 6.15pm. haha quite stupid oso. i count count the time.. eh stil can bathe. so i fast fast bathe, change n was on the go by 6.15 lo. but... after u wear shoe reverse car close the gate wait at the junction make a few turns to another tmn, wait at junction again, stuck awhile at town.. it's oredi 6.30pm by the time v reach the station.

n u know wat!!! v freaking MISS the 6.30pm transnational bus!!

the counter told us it's 6.33pm now... pffff the bus had taken off at 6.30pm! kanasai since when msia's bus so punctual 1! my phone was stil 6.30pm lo *follow punch card time*. AHhhhhhheeyoyo! how can i miss the bus?? then the freaking transnational lady told us to KEJAR BAS! w/o knowing which direction v asked pj to kejar down the road hahaha.. NO not initial D style.. it's like driving to the mamak near ur house style... - _ -l l l... v don need 3 master of pharmacy graduates to figure out that IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO KEJAR lo!!!

went back to get another bus.. hasry.. the very bus that hming told us that it's not reliable. dammit.. v both tot it's mayang sari!! cos v remembered sth like 'areee' haha.

reli very sry to angeline. bcos of ME, she missed the bus. boh mood. wasted rm16. reached home more than an hr later than expected. all my life only know how to trouble ppl n leave ppl wif bad impression. seeeee! char siew! arrgggghhh!

that nite i slept on my comfy-pigsy bed in my the PIG STY. yieeepieee!
the weekend was great. nvr too tired to tell every1 all the stories n dramas. AND i practised driving.


back to muar... *goldfish eye* again

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