Saturday, 6 September 2008

rainy saturday n the tale of luen mou lin

gloomy, lazy n stil sick. after back in kl, i alwiz feel BLOATED, itchy n sleepy. n on the 4th week, my immune system kena k.0-ed by flu bug. been healthy truout a yr abroad, but shui tu bu fu in my own country?!.. how farnee is that ~issh~

dear's opinion: i've been eating frozen, almoz expired or expired food for a yr n suddenly now i'm eating nice fresh food, my GI system has a hard time adapting... ya rite.
i think: cos i din bring back glasgow's yummy water to campur wif kl water... HA-HA. (my fren once told me that drinking the mixture is the way to cure shui tu bu fu, like.. R U SERIOUS??!!).

i blog today for a sole purpose - to keep me from sleeping (got up at 12pm sleep again at 3pm) keke. yalar i reli got nth better to do in life. arrgghh damn sien lo! THEN..
i rmb a request by minti3n, that name who unintentionally cause so many confusions n jokes. here's his comment on my previous previous post... ei show one picture of your new image :P

dang! it juz hit me that i'm such a LOUSY blogger!

moz bloggers have photos for EVERY lil detail, it's like they already have the entire blogpost in their mind the moment they start to take those shots! n they have a topic to write cos their life is so eventful. *salute salute. see..

1. usually, there's not even 1 miserable photo in my post, cos:

a) LAZY.. adding photos is damn ma fan! slows me down n wastes my time.

b) i juz feel very kekok taking pics of myself.

i shy shy camwhoring is defly not my kinda thing y'know. that oso explain y am i so impatient when i c ppl spending soo much time taking pics wif the SAME damn background. wat for??!!
i reli don understand lo! like how kim hoe n darren can nvr understand y v go toilet every half hr in amsterdam wakaka...

2. usually, i don have a clear point on wat i wan to write. so the beginning of my post may not b related to the ending of my post. sumtimes i read back i like to add in bits that i forgot.. cos i luv to rmb those lil details in life. randomness, i like=) alas it turns out to b another cheong hei rojak post.

ok ok watever, back to tien's request.

here's a story.

Once upon a time, there's a short hair gal called luen mou lin who had several encounters where ppl mistaken her as a BOY! my gudness. but can't blame those lao hua uncle auntie cos she's got no big boobs to prove them wrong wth. when she finished secondary skool she decided to keep long hair. however those unruly frizzy long hair failed to boost her feminity, it's only gud as a low grade broom. *sigh*

1 day she was introduced to rebonding n holy shait, it worked wonders! yeh whoever who created this thing called rebonding, THANK U! u saved luen mou lin from the days of siu fong fong-in-her-80's!! ppl.. don u dare laugh at luen mou lin again muahaha.

well yrs later, she got tired of flat straight hair. n now, luen mou lin is back to being luen mou lin again!... wif bigger n puffier curls. woohoo.



shan, u say u din get to c the bear bouquet, here's it. keke... cute kan? i bought it from shan's auntie, cos v dah fren sangat after 19 days of touring tgt kaka... the moz sampat florist i've ever known. oiii this sound so advertorial... i shud b paid for this man!!

wif a level ji muis at pavillion.

i have 3 similar photos here. it's bcos i wan u to look at them, stare at them, NEH~ these r those naughty fan cheongs who laugh at luen mou lin 1 lo. so bad hor...

n bfor that i alwiz wonder y my curls r so messy n out of place. yalar those frizz r inborn 1, i know i can't have smooth silky sleek hair, that's oredi a fact that i can't bother to change. even s'teng was curious how come my curls turn out to b so different. notice that 2 big SPRINGS hanging there??

after sum discussions wif pfong n guys, mystery solved. *jeng jeng* the reason lies in the way i make my hair everyday after i shower!! i tot, to maintain those curls i need to twist them wif my lil finger. so i TWIST vigorously, hence the 2 big springs wakaka! all i need to do is simply crunch my hair, not twist wif fingers for god's sake. muahaha... sumtimes i can b very stupid.

hmm does the word crunch even exist. i assume it does, cudn't bother to check dicitonary.



ti3nD said...

"...that oso explain y am i so impatient when i c ppl spending soo much time taking pics wif the SAME damn background. wat for??!!
i reli don understand lo! like how kim hoe n darren can nvr understand y v go toilet every half hr in amsterdam wakaka..."

Hmm i realised that i will take at least 2 shots for the same background ler, at least to back up mah, and when i fall in love with one building, i can take MANy shots with it as background lorh :P

Count me in with darren and kim, why?

And, your new image not bad lerh, first time i actually saw ur pic after u went back to msia. hehe.

lin said...

hahaha sry for that strong statement. well act i oso take more than 1 for backup purpose la. moz of us wil. but sum ppl wil juz repeat non stop until waste time lo haha. if got a lot of time nth to do i don mind la.. but if there r stil many places to go n v r short of time.. haha i'll b bengang. i damn impatient 1 keke.

haha u go n ask darren n kimhoe lo.