Sunday, 17 August 2008

update on my life.. back in kl for 17 days..

my lifestyle for these past 2 weeks was like an apple.. left to rot.. at home. when there's only me rotting, i'll go.. man i gotta get out of this place! but when there r 2 fella rotting tgt (me n bro), getting all crappy n lame, when u feel the scorching sun out there, when ur kaki s r working or not in kl, when u look at the toyota that u can't get it moving.. ok better rot at home!

17 days... n look wat i've done!


.. after a yr of crappy hair.. *life as a poor student in glasgow hoho. i've permed my hair but it's frizzy n the curls r all out of place cos i seriously dunno how to maintain lo! y can i nvr wake up to a gud hair day?? y my hair can nvr look like a celebrity other than siu fong fong in her 80's??


i looked like indonesian maid when i touched down klia. to all indonesian maids i'm not being derogatory here, juz to associate myself wif dark complexion n skinny. huh sterotyping! bad me! haha gone too far, juz wanna say that i went for a facial. lin-sama went for a facial! like.. whoa! it did make my face feel better seriously, albeit not looking better.


i'm juz getting used to it. i've nvr reli look gud n dress gud truout my alevel n imu n strathclyde days. alwiz rush to class w/o even brushing my teeth n scrubbing my face properly, w/o combing my hair, simply put on any shirt n pants which i manage to grab in a sea of jumbled cloths, forget to look into the mirror when i get out. OMG!!! y am i like this?? when can i learn to b more ladylike??

##i'm sry to my classmates n batchmates, if i look so bad n became an eyesore that kill ur mood for a luvly morning, i sincerely apologize here.##


i've went to jaya jusco, carrefour, times square, pavillion, gardens mid valley, each once.


i've only watched 1 movie-the Dark Knight. salute Heath Ledger, he's got himself adsorbed into Joker.. "Y SO SERIOUS?" eeks so creepy but u can't help but sympatize him for his traumatic past at the same time. superhero movies nowadays r no more saving damsel in distress, they r deep, n there r certain elements that u can identify wif. this is 1 cool superhero movie hey! but need to watch again to grasp more of it cos it's too long, mind went blank sumtimes.


been tortured by the lack of variety n creativity wif national tv until 8TV came along. n then there's this luxury called astro that i've deprived of all these yrs. my parents act pasang astro AFTER i graduate n kononnya they say it's bcos they wan to watch olympic's live telecast. anyway now that i have all the time in the world, if being a couch potato is sth u'll get paid for, i millionaire dah! watch all the live olympics events n browse tru all the channels until cock-eyed. watch gao gao, damn siao!

i even make sure i don miss any episode of tong sam fong bou tho i've oredi watched it in glasgow. dak dak dei is so cute! chung ka yan is sooo likeable... damn jealous lo so pretty adi summore got long legs summore look gud in formal wear summore can act! wa unfair!

##thanks daddy n mommy, luckily u guys can tahan the temptation to pasang astro for so many yrs, if not i reli can't get ANY of my assignment done.##


i dunno where to start. there r clothes everywhere, accesories from big to small scattering here n there. n if u r to barge into my room, u'll b punished by stepping on 1 of my earrings that hurt u so bad u'll cry for mommy. c, i don have the rite furnitures to start wif. i need a rack so instead of sweeping everything under the carpet, i can shove it all in the rack n slam the door shut n say bye bye to mess nyeh nyeh nyeh. waiting for any1 willing to fetch me to ikea. *hint hint


OMG! such himono-onna-ness... sheez!

ok ENUF! i've lazed too much until my backbone crooked. sagittarian in me... unleashed!!!
i'm gonna live a better tmrw, n of course, get outta the house n straighten my backbone.

i'll blog abt olympics, blog abt how i miss glasgow, sort out photos of previous trips, get my travelogue going n b a better person. haha these r sum reminders for myself.. cos i'm even lazy to on my comp now. i sleep til 12pm almoz everyday n lie on the sofa moz of the time n stil don feel fresh. save me!


ti3nD said...

ei show one picture of your new image :P kakaka.

mingying said...

phew wittt...tukar hairstyle arr..cant wait to see u during graduation nanti!!haha..its so funny reading ur living the SAME LIFESTYLE as in the house for 2 malas wanna update my blog, so u're wayyy better than me..yah gotta be MORE hardworking from 2ml onwards..cos im going to kl 2ml..haha..cya soon..