Tuesday, 16 September 2008

cuteness n stupidity

bsides BOREDOM, guess these r the nouns that pretty much wrap up my past week. eh~~ i act blog almoz on a weekly basis hehe.


suggested mom to cook asam laksa on this merry day. yalar it's bit of going against tradition but who cares, it's the semangat of tuen yuen that counts. n hor mom's buntut dah kembang teehee... cos her asam laksa tastes like those famous penang asam laksa che wah n wat's more.. it's so fishy! ah the beauty of homecook food... ZHENG.

let's get to the cutesy part.

1. wall.e=cute=sweet=lovey dovey

i luv the movie.. don reli care abt the msg, duh like i dunno! i wud've become an environmental campaigner had i not study pharmacy. wat strike me was the chemistry between wall.e n eve.

it's so simple! thumbs up for pixar AGAIN! n y'know wat.. u don need long witty dialogues to make the characters come to live! all those actions n gestures juz speak it all... even fire extinguisher can b a tool de amour kaka! n wth, even robots can b more romantic than ur bf. how la lidat.

2. my cousin- daniel. lil kids r alwiz cute but he's EXTRA cute. imagine a 3 yr old sneeze 'hah chee' n in a moz cutesiest tone, he said oh~ excuse me wif an innocent smile.

aww.. sooo amusing!!! aih make me wanna melt.

the manners, is wat's missing in many grown ups n the innocence, is wat's lost in every grown up. oh kids r juz so enlightening sumtimes...


went to hkl for medical check up cos it's foc, cos my parents pay tax. smart consumer yeh i am. i tot i was even smarter to bring along a mag. n gee... it was my turn after i've read only 1 page! *surprise surprise.


1. ms. nurse gave me a papan wif this shape.
apa ni?

then she brought me to a small room for eye check up. was told to close my left eye n read the alphabets on the board. so i used my HAND to cover my eyes.

ms. nurse: eh bukan guna tangan!! *wif the look that she's not seen such stupid ppl for a very long time*

ahhhh~~~ soh desu neh. so that's the function of that papan i was holding all this while. kakaka. i'm not blonde nor busty, y am i so stupid????

2. i peed into the 2 bottles. tighten the cap. shait! i haven't fill up my name. aikks writing ur name on a cylindrical surface which may b contaminated by ur own urine was juz arrgghh!

3. primary skool fren ajak me to have tea, literally. after calling n searching, his car was finally at my doorstep. i saw his car, waved n open the grill door. then i continued watching a taiwanese entertainment show.


20 mins passed.

ya he called. n at that very moment i realised... ALAMAK! so there's a miscommunication.. or rather.. my stupidity. i was expecting my fren to COME IN my house for tea haha n i juz din care y he hadn't come in all this while.. i was juz glued to the tv show.

n for that 20 mins, 1st he tot i was changing. but wth changing won take THAT long.. takkan i put on makeup rite.. so he tot i muz b having a shower, since he knew i damn muka tembok can let fren wait lidat haha.

finally he lost his patience at the 20th min his bladder was on the brink of BURSTING. i think he reli wan to bang his head on the stering when i said i was act watching tv show while waiting him to come in. WAKAKA.

aiyoyo... i grow fungus at home. lost touch wif msian culture. lack exposure to buzzling life of kl. lack the communication wif ppl. see i forgot that have tea wif fren act means GO OUT n have tea wif fren.

anyway no matter how stupid i've become, given the scenario of a yong soi lou who label chinese akin to jewish, a reporter who reports that, an MP n a blogger, at least i can stil tell who shud b thrown to ISA detention. now who's threatening racial harmony? n who's being more stupid? *a big sigh*


BOREDOM is like poison. it slows ur organs' function. it burns ur neurones. it numbs ur senses. it took away my COMMON SENSE.

man i'm alwiz afraid to come back to this state of life... mundane, powerless. i got no money no car no full control in life. i'll go berserk depressed jaded! HELP! ya whining patheticly like a loser that's all i know. LOoooSER!

916: wil the government change? i hope. sum batchmates wil start work, i wish them luck. more badminton session wif neng, but she's back to taiwan. more steamboat session wif secondary skool frens, but they r bz. anyhow theres' stil many things to look forward to.

i shall b a motivated person tmrw=)


ti3nD said...

wahhhhh the 'let ur fren wait 20 mins' incident mou dak deng larh. really bei nei zha dou @_@

lin said...

haha yalor my fren oso bei ngo zha dou... issh i damn stupid sumtimes...