Saturday, 20 September 2008

Paralympics n Olympics

this morning read the star, came to know that msia won a bronze medal tru powerlifter siow lee chan. *clap clap!*

hoo-hah frontpage material wif catchy line like POWER BRONZElifter in big big font..

lei zau siong..

it's featured at page 2 nia. cos nowadays definitely effortlessly got bigger n more shocking news. but nvmla she got 100k. not bad wor.

well act i got an unfinished entry abt olympics i wrote at sum bloody hot afternoon back then. but i din finish it long after the olympics so decided not to finish it anyway. like wat for rite.. posting super duper outdated entry takda feel la, jin beh syok.

hence the birth of this entry. at least those bits din go to waste kaka. see i'm gud at RECYCLING.... not only plastic bottles n papers.. hoho so proud of myself.

btw, i tot astro wil show bits of the paralympics... if not the event itself at least highlights of the events la or at least opening ceremony. so hook on to opening ceremonies since BEIJING OLYMPICS... absolutely flawless display of artsy bigsy performances.

i luv:

.. the opening where they countdown wif the beatings of those square drums.

.. 5 olympic rings was lifted from 2D to 3D.

.. scroll unfolds.

.. the dancers draw wif they body as they move gracefully.

.. the boxes shuffle to form the word 'he' n the youths pop out in the end.

.. the taichi mega circle .

.. the mega ship wif the mega oar.

.. those cute lil children sing.. it's kinda controversial... the super duper cute gal was act lip synching. n the poor gal who act sang was not chosen cos she's not cute enuf. aww... like so sad rite.. i think it's unhealthy.. to this lil gal who grow up wif this thing haunting her.. n to the entire image-obsessed society. so the best thing is.. let both gals take the centrestage tgt la keke.

.. that every athlete lent their footsteps to finish up the pc of drawing which was drawn bits by bits from the beginning.

.. the dramatic torchlighting.

.. the li yi xiao jie in the finest gowns.

.. zhang yi mou. luv him since the days of 'yi ge dou bu neng shao' up til 'hero' but lost respect to him when he caught the martial art fever, esp that golden glittery flashy cleavage-overloaded flick (forgot wat name).

all held in this jawdropping bird's nest. i'm not an architect, but after watching on tv how it was build.. i can say this is architecture brilliance!

all in all.. at this enourrrmous scale.. it's pure magic!!

this is wat a nation wif population of dunno how many billion can do when every1 unites!
n this is where my ancestors come from.. wo de zu guo.. *bangga bangga*

was glued to the tv everyday watching artistic then rhythmic gymnastics. dreamt to b a gymnast since i was a lil gal haha, graceful n yet full of thrills kan. mom say wil break bones wor. so i had to forget abt it when i aged n all i can manage is a yat zi ma.. boo. anyway i was soo attracted to the poise of nastia liukin.

n oso basketball!!.. only when either all star dream team usa or wo de zu guo china was playing. man it's ever so entertaining to see power lebron james up against yao ming.. whom the broadcaster described as a WALKING great wall of china. muahaha.

n of course following n supporting lee chong wei tru to the finals. chance for gold is quite slim la but i expect it to b like 21-19, 19-21, 21-19 which wud send my adrenaline pumping to the max fuyoh.

unfortunately it's not even close. lcw is fun to watch, consider moz talented n all rounded in my time, pandai 'yam' haha. but he's up against the dynamito.. lin dan! that cockiness. that perfect skillz. powerr gilerr. samo had to wear bicep-showing shortsleeves! wa *drools drools drools!*

but the fate of paralympics is not so gud. less sponsors. no live telecast, not even delayed. frankly, am i interested to watch any paralympic event? i dunno, nvr watch bfor. but 1 thing's for sure tho, there r no heartthrobs or superstars to attract viewership. *sigh* this is reality. hope that sum day they deserve more than this.


ti3nD said...

Wah u serious? yat zhi ma? tai mm chuk worh. hehe.

100k for a bronze medal not bad dy larh.. though go singapore might get half a million.

lin said...

hehehe nth to shout abt la. i think many ppl can do oso.