Friday, 2 May 2008


i think i'm destined to do things last min.

i think i'm destined to b a person w/o sense of urgency.

mayb, i shud alwiz let things take its own course.

if... i can juz b myself.

mayb, things wil sumhow work its way out.

middle of final week of study break: haih this stupid booking of virgin train tickets. there's sum technical probs n since it's related to address, i'm so freaking scared that i'll not receive those 14 tickets by postal delivery. i'm not talking abt 4, i'm talking abt 14 tickets ok! then spent my whole afternoon calling few times n sending a couple of emails. at the end of the day, there's NO reassurance that things r gonna b fine n there's NO clear solution for it. gek sei ngo!

next day: went to dear's place for awhile. when i came back i found a piece of paper in the pigeon hole. omg this cudn't b it rite?! my train tickets have reached the village office?! i quickly dashed to the village office to collect my stuff. n omg it's RELI those 14 train tickets!! when i get hold of the envelope it was such a great sense of relief... aahhhhhHH~~~

but this sense of relief was later overshadowed by a zha dou feeling. i mean IF only i'll juz wait n c for 1 more day!! i wil not go tru all the hassle n waste my time doing things that i shudn't have done in the 1st place!! lagi gek sei ngo!!

then i suddenly found out that on the envelope, the date written by vo was ytrday's date!!! at this pt i almoz vomit blood.. @#$%&* DENG! i don even need to wait n c for 1 more day.

IF only any1 of us can juz walk downstairs n check the pigeon hole ytrday... yes, there wil b no phone calls, no emails, no worries, no time n energy wasted. super zha dou!

well y does this even trigger me to blog abt it... cos it din happen once or twice, it happen thrice!


after amsterdam trip, was planning on the route for spain trip. damn susah payah finally drafted a route that can accomodate lisbon. so happy. then suddenly 1 day, that ticket price for dublin-barcelona suddenly naik dunno how many fold. BASKET!

change route.

then the booking involving failed for no reason, no matter how many times v tried. n this particular flight juz has to affect the outcome of the entire route. WTH!!

so change route again.

n luckily it worked. but bcos i was a lil obsessive compulsive on the whole planning back then, all these changes had costed me quite sum time. gek sei ngo!!

i mean IF only i'll juz look it up 1 or 2 days bfor the day v book.


then the italy trip. things r easier this time cos i'm sure of the 3 cities i wan to go. after coordinating wif the new accomodation contract, yeah got a plan. juz when i tot v r supposed to check in on fri, actually it's sat!!

wahpiang.. difference of 1 day, diff price for flight ticket, plus that damn kacau graduate ball has to stuck in the middle, fine.. that means gotta find a different route. BASKET!!

IF only i'll juz plan later, after i know abt the check in date.


given any ordinary day when i'm bumped into all these stupid situations, no big deal. but hey they all juz have to fall during my study break, which is cut short a week due to the amsterdam trip, so stressed out lo!!

middle of the 2nd week of the study break, i finally set my hands on those module notes. when i realised that i'm looking at sum alien wordings, ahh how much i regreted for sleeping in lectures n not revising earlier, i got panic! then on the other side need to crack head on accommodation contract n planning everything when parents come over for convo. only get to concentrate on the middle of 3rd week but things stil get in the way.

bcos there's a hurry to get things done, i get a lil pushy on stuff, yeah so not me. sumhow when i'm FINALLY, for ONCE, enthusiastic at getting things done, things juz didn't work my way. wat the heck! y punish me like that? i tot it's a gud thing to at least have sum sense of urgency which i usually don have. instead of getting things done quickly, i screw things up.

i mean if i can juz b myself n let things take its course, i wudn't have wasted my time n energy on NTH! time was silver back then but time is gold now!! i mean for gudness sake this is my last exam that determines heavily whether i deserve an MPharm degree n become a pharmacist in the future, i need all the time i have to study REAL HARD!! i need to focus!! that's y those lil incidents juz drive me so mad, arrgghhHH! yes i'm not friendly when i'm stressed out, i bite, rawrrrrrrr!i'm gonna bang my head on great wall of china if all these gonna affect my exam results.

IF only the time wasted can b used to study.

see how things had worked against me when i finally had sum sense of urgency n was enthusiastically getting things done.

i've nvr been an organised person in my life n i nvr will.

i'm juz gonna b the usual =selambaStella= n let things take its own course.

life wil b much better this way=)



decided not to post this when i was stil breathing fire. sumhow i realised that if it weren't spent on doing these things, i'll stil b doing other non-study related stuff. cos there's no way i'm gonna lay my attn to sth continuously (sum1 muz b so worried abt this haha), wat more study. i can't! i'm a sagittarian. (when there's nth to blame, juz blame it on zodiac sign keke.) so lin-sama, there's totally no reason for u to b so uptight wif those time wasted.

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