Wednesday, 7 May 2008


ok this is the time of the yr n this is the time of my life.

final exam of MPharm couse. a degree at stake. don play play.

had my 1st paper ytrday. receptor-mediated endocytosis, don even wanna talk abt it. bet v were so stressed out for the past week. after exam, housemates n i chatted til midnite. siao! but feels gud. gals... this species is hopelessly n uncontrollably chatty n gossipy at times.

anyway the scariest paper of all is on this fri. clinical pharmacology n prescribing. read journal n answering questions IN OWN WORDS. there's nth much to do to prepare for this. scary!!!

bet moz of us who can't write comprehensive answers r pretty worried abt this paper. i'm oso worried abt my attn span, i juz can't sit down n read n understand the whole thing attentively in 1 hr, i'll alwiz go blank for seconds *zooop*, n there's no way i can do star jump in the exam hall when i have a brain jam. u think so easy to focus n digest ah!

enough abt that, i juz hope that i can make it for all these 5 papers n graduate on june 30th 2008. i hope to share this pride n joy wif my parents on that day. they don come here juz for europe tour, they come for my convo. fingers crossed!

i pray, i pray n i pray. pls let me pass this final exam. gud luck to myself n all my batchmates.


ti3nD said...

'stand out and do star jump' :P

haha. it makes me laugh like sh*t...... i think its a brilliant idea. mayb u excuse urself to toilet break, but actually u wana do star jump. lolz.

lin said...

no time for toilet break leh!! not enuf time dammit!! 3 hrs is way too short. only thing can do now is cross our fingers n hope every1 graduate june 30th. gambateh!