Friday, 25 April 2008

i'm bored!

so bored until at the spur of the moment, i transformed my boredom into basin + toilet bowl scrubbing. yes i'm that bored. 1 more look into the module notes n the =HannahHulk= in me is gonna tear up the pages apart. so i blog.

there was a bbq gathering n a bday celebration. sum time to breathe fresh air, destress, detox, de-watever.. but when they ended, stress level shoot up cos u realised that ah so much time lost!

the bbq gathering was a product of many misunderstandings haha. anyway the chicken wings n the desserts were yummy! 1st time i act shiver in a bbq, 1st time i don need a fan to brow of the drop of sweat trickling down my nose to the chicken haha. it's diff in glasgow, the damn convenient disposal bbq kit juz n help from a gush of glasgow wind, whoala the flame was set in few nanoseconds.

then i thoroughly exposed my poor reflex to a mass audience n had to gulp down yucky smell-and-taste-like-air-longkang mixture. eeeewwwww! the yuckiest part of all, the mixture contained DURIANS! walao.... the stinkiest fruit on earth, i seriously don understand y ppl like it so much lo! ya this malaysian gene is sumhow missing in me, ok so wat i don need love-durian-gene replacement therapy to b a msian ok! the nite was stil young n was ended wif a pillow-talk session talking abt sum1 ngeh ngeh ngeh *wink wink.

it's neigbour jasmin's bday ytrday. here in jbc, ppl gather to celebrate bday. whether it's a high profile or quiet affair. lotsa ppl gather in my lounge for her big day n awww.. guitars n songs juz make my messy n dirty lounge into a cosy n heartwarming area, meltzz ma heart=) when they started to sing..
it's amazing how u can speak rite to my heart... awww.. pop songs r not my cup of tea but dunno y this reli touches me everytime i hear it.. when u say nth at all... awww... those were the times i act tot ronan keating very leng chai. ahh it brought back the fond memories of the penang trip wif my alevel frens when i was 18. gah jas min's juz celebrating her 21st bday! (yee jelez!! my 21st bday was long ago wuuhuu...) n u know wat... jas min can sing! think her voice's the best i've heard so far in my batch no kiddin'.

this past week has been stressful. alamak it's like 3 4 or 5 events bsshh bam boom come crashing at u until u can't breathe properly. so wat u juz can't sit on ur butt n those things to solve by their own. it was made harder when 1 decision does not revolve around u alone, it involves the root of all evil n oso, a lot of ppl. it's totally diff from studies-related stress. dahlah failed miserably in time management. now have a hard time juggling btw 2 things. 1) urgent but not that important. 2) important but not that urgent, which is stuying for exam, duh.
i can't breathe.

2 week's gone. 1st for amsterdam n battery charging. 2nd week was crazy. can u blif it?! it's only 2 weeks to my final yr exam of MPharm degree. bwah! that's way too short to cover everything man! shoot. i seriously dunno how. samo got short attention span, can't concentrate for more than 30 mins. i can juz stare at the word blankly n brain melayang to spain then to msia then where to bring parents around if they r in scotland. daydream syndrome... issh. stop daydreaming lin-sama, the world is nvr gonna b ideal!
if not i'll juz get sooo fidgety n started doing star jump n shook the whole block G. whoever's staying rite below me, paiseh=P


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