Wednesday, 21 May 2008

once in a purple moon

ya i alwiz said that instead of once in a blue moon.

n huh?! rite now, looking out of my luvly window, i saw purple moon! whoa! though at sum point it looked orange to me. omg purple n orange... 2 totally distictive colors takkan i can't tell the difference rite? sry i reli can't. anyway things juz do not alwiz have absolute answers in life.

it seems that the incidence of purple moon is higher than blue moon. so to imply higher rarity, i shall use back the good o' phrase... once in a blue moon nx time haha.

drilling my brain wif heavy metal n looking at the moon tru my luvly window. awww i'm gonna part wif u my room this fri. huuuuuuu i'm so so sad.

ya i'm stressed out. i'm having a hard time memorising those 4 topics. watch series nonstop la, slack la, padan muka!!! ya only 4 topics, decided to leave out sandy gray's topic for my own gud.

omg wat a totally irrelevant post.
ahhh~ have a break! have a.. err.. i don have kit kat.


1 comment:

yi shan said...

purple moon?? u sure anot? i tot is juz orange in color?? n not sure izit a moon.. haha... if it's reli a moon.. ermmm... very diff from wat i saw few days ago.. coz normally wat i saw is higher in the sky.. ermm..