Saturday, 17 May 2008

i juz feel like blogging

wooff.. it's been 2 days i keep myself away from module notes. teeheehee~~ feels like exam's over. been daydreaming abt my spain trip. how many singlets shud i pack.. erm.. wahaha finally no need to bao ba zhang adi, it's spring! i feel so sprightlySue!
chotomate! this day nx weel i'll b in seville. whoa!!! omg omg i can't wait.


ok there's stil 1 final paper to go... which require 50 marks to pass wth but carries only double the credit of the totally irrelevant personal skills development lagi wth n then no mcq samo lagi lagi wth. presenting... advanced drug discovery! *touch wood* shud b my final exam paper as a student. *pray hard*

haha eyes stil bit watery now. i've juz finished over time, the jdrama wif fan ding long shi in it. yep yep yep i super duper gila abt fan ding long shi, he's my man!!! omg i cudn't have ask for a better ending. it's such a cool way to end the show when natsuki decided to go to new york wif the doctor, awww another cute guy=) the relationship btw natsuki n soichiro is juz so beautiful n extraordinary, it's more than frens lovers n siblings. if they were to b tgt in the end they r juz so gonna kill it, luckily the scriptwriter has the same thinking wif me phew. shit y i keep digging old jdrama to watch lately??


so sry my dear blog, i've decided to abandon u for quite sum time. u know i had enuf of writing essays that make my eyes tired yes i was born to have weak eyes, blogging an entry is kinda like writing an essay minus the formality minus the stress but wil make my eyes tired too. to conserve my eye power for studying , i spend much of my time taking naps, watching drama... which perfectly re-energise my eyes. yes i need all the time i have to bond wif my dear bed n my dear room. huu i don wan birbeck, i had fell so deeeeply in luv wif this lil pigsty n the luvly window.. awww..

yeah i keep saying that i don wan to go back msia so fast. but another part of me is oso counting down the days left to pick my parents up at glasgow international airport *run to parents wif arms wide open.. slow-mo * n i know the moment i touch down klia (too bad la i'll b going back wif my bf if not can drama abit oso), i wanna go to sum hawker stall n eat a plate of hokkien mee.
n of course, i know i'll b so glad to b wif my family n dearie dearie frens again. weee~


ytrday juz had lunch at chokukun? chikokun? chukokun? bwahahaha my oh-so-cute housemate ms cheong juz can't get it rite. hoiii apa-la ni... it's CHUKOKU! CHUKOKU! drrrrill it into ur cerebrum yo.

juz like that flip-floppers, flop-flippers, flippy-flopper, flop-flip.... f f f f all sorta possible combination in the world... but not FLIP FLOP!! bwahahahahahahahahahahahah.

anyway the nite ended wif a lil party for mingying at J9. plus a reli sweet video (che wah globalised samo damn yeng) that touched deep into her heart *wink wink... n apparently her lacrimal duct haha.

then ms cheong had to kena again ngeh ngeh cos she forgot to tell us that our house need to record a video for mingying too! v were left out! anyway that video n the heated debate (not reli heated la, juz that 1 fickle-minded fella keep blabbing n changing her opinion every 5 mins) over it gave me a light bulb! after adding sugar n soya sos whoala, G7 had 1 video for mingying too.

HAPPY 2*th (sensitive stuff) BIRTHDAY to my MEK1 inhibitor partner!

"boobiemingying" signing off.


mingying said...

muahahahahaha..omg ur post is damn funny, i cant stop laughing nw..n yah..i rili LUV JBC and i dun wanna leave this place..:((dun wori, u're nt the onli 1..i din study for 2 days as well.."post-party" syndrome..( if gt drink pulak..:P)

anyway, ur house ppl rili unique and kecoh..nvr occurred to me that the video will cause a heated funny larr.. video for me arr??i wan i wan!!!(damn perasan nwadays..:P)thanks for everything, partner!!!i'll remember my 24th birthday foreva..:P(not sensitive issue a "matured" ladyyyy..kekeke)

yi shan said...

wahh.. no need to mention bout me for so many times k.. chukoku ma.. flip-flop ma.. ady drilled into my cerebrum liao.. haha..
add sugar n soya sos pula.. haha.. but it's true... haha.. mingying.. perasannya.. haha..

Kha Hong said...

Hahaha.. U are not the only one who has not been studying for 2 days + digging old drama to watch..
I really have to concentrate in ADD now..

Anyway, i like ur video for mingying.. cant stop laughing when i watch.. haha..