Tuesday, 20 May 2008

sry ma, i spin out of control again.

after randomly looking out for dramas in crunchyroll ytrday i bump into tata hitotsu no koi... to jap illiterate, it means juz one love. cliche as it sounds, haiyo i tell u ah *my typical auntie tone*, it's the same old poor guy rich gal ala romeo n juliet story. gee tot i'm not gonna fall for this kinda formulaic drama


i finished the Entire series within 24 hrs!!

omg this is SIAO! wat's wrong wif me?! i know i'm a drama freak but this is 1 heck of a feat that shud qualify for lin's book of records.

well i guess it's none other than the charm of kamenashi kazuya. yalar i admit he's a guy wif girlish features, ill! totally not my type. i only drool over manly man ok. but wth he's so damn cool in those dramas n the characters he played absolutely enhance his manliness like a million fold whoa... i think i gotta tell mr lee that i'll luv him less these few days cos i need to channel my luv to kame.

kame! aishiteru!

anyway ayase haruka was soo preety she melt ma heart though i don have a y chromosome. tgt they make such a gorgeous couple. geee i think i'll make a cute couple wif kame oso wat. *fantasizing fantasizing. if i have time i'll paste my photo rite bside him to prove u that.

jdrama being jdrama, helluva tearjerker. ahh sucky me fall for that too, tot i'm a macho person haha. nah only jdrama n tvbdrama appeal to me i dunno y. i'll puke overnite rice if it's a taiwanese or korean production. i can't stand it!! they've spun the kawaii factor n drama factor overboard it's utterly nonsensically ridiculous!!

personal perference, no offence.

hmm i find that i enjoy lotsa 'light' stuff nowadays, err sry can't get a better adjective. it's gud that i'm not being too 'extreme'. there.. shoot. this is gonna turn into a reflection post.

there was 1 point in life

... where i think love story should b depicted in a subtle way, wif minimal conservation, wif extensive character layering, wif inconclusive-abrupt-leaves-u-room-to-think aka yat tau mou soi kinda ending r gud movies. ooh sounds like tan chui mui's love conquers all. haha.

... where i luv all things 'underground' n 'dark' n shun many things deemed to b commercialized.

whether is my luv of this kinda stuff or izzit my rebellious mind doing the trick i dunno. so it's pretty much a chicken n egg question, but yeah non-conformity surely appeals to me. being a jadedJude back then was in a way, depressing. i juz tot.. i wil nvr understand ppl i don care if they gonna understand me cos i don understand myself either. but when it comes to communication n relationship wif ppl, dang i'm in deep shit.

if i were to go on having the idongiveadamnonwateverthatidonfeellikegivingadamn kinda thinking, it's gonna b destructive, emotionally n socially. ya i pretty much realise that.

for now, i enjoy being a more balanced individual=)

=kiddoKate= to =emoEmily= don freak out.

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