Thursday, 5 June 2008

Yes I did it!


yeh yeh yeh!

yes yes yes!

i can go on wif all sorta screams of relief n joy la dee da=)

wat a day. it's 4 sth n piercing screams filled thruout the G7. v all make it!

i'm so glad i achieved wat i aimed for. merit wahaha!!! bfor that when i was doing a 1 week crashcourse in the study break, i say that if i don do well i wanna bang my head on great wall of china cos i put myself in this shit. i don need to do that now hohoho.

i juz called mommy. alamak. bfor calling i feel like crying adi. u know y i was thinking abt picking my parents up at glasgow international airport cos they'll b attending my convo... thinking abt my whole family n my extended family all pegi studio take studio photo wif me wearing the robe mortar board, holding a scroll n every1 smiling wide open. cheese=) then i'll have this beautiful portrait hanging on the wall of my house.. n then few yrs down the road another similar portrait wif my bro being the 1 in the robe mortar board wif the scroll. awwwww...

when i talked to mommy n she congratulated me n she said she juz messaged my sam ku lok poh sok pak heng tai to convey this gud news... i juz.... huuuu.... i cried. teehee allow me to b emo for a sec...

it's like walking down this long winding path called education. i've hiked up the last stop called university n i've accomplished it. now my parents can fly all the way to uk to c me wearing a robe n receiving a scroll. sharing wif them such pride n honour... wow! n i can tell daddy that's like the best ever investment he had made, using the money for my education instead of a big bungalow. u say la how can i hold back my tears.

i've worried the shit out of my research project. if only u can rmb the emo post on my research project. so pissed wif myself. i was a greedy person n yes i dreamt of getting distinction wa like so cool lidat. dream la can anot i'm sure every1 wans to get high marks 1 ok. the moment i pass up my pharmcare i knew i screw bit of it n then the moment i pass up my research project, i knew it's as gud as gone.

i left all researching n understanding n writing in 1 week, risking the subject which carries the most weightage in this degree! w/o editing samo! it's like handing in a hastely produced 1st draft to the supervisor thinking that the devil was blind n wud b foolish enuf to give me gud marks wth! i had nitemares abt it that i rmb vaguely by now.

then 2nd time, worried the shit out of my cpp. i left at least blanks which worth at least 15 marks n answer others like crap. then a lot of WAT IFs crept into my mind that i was pretty down n stressed out that time, i'm sure moz of us felt that way after the freaking scary cpp paper.

then that day when i was having a great time in spain, in a cold barcelona hostel (wth no blanket samo), i juz had to dreamt that i failed my research project when every1 else passed. it was SOOO REAL in the dream that i instantly felt so lost in my life! thinking that i've let myself n my parents down, the frustration was so intense that i cudn't take it. then suddenly i woke up, gosh i heaved a sigh of great relief n almoz broke into tears cos IT'S JUZ A DREAM. OMG! damn scary wei. how can it b so real??!!

then check status for viva. i got a 'no'. so i pretty much confirm i pass cpp. hurray! after that i got greedy. i'm not satisfied wif a pass to b frank. yes i wan a merit. n then on 4th june i reli got a merit. wahaha! thanx whoever up there who has been watching me all this while n help me sail tru all major examinations in my life even when i've not been a gud gal. i'm very thankful, reli, if only u read my blog.

n of course i've nvr been happier knowing that 2 fella close to me got a distinction. 1 paranoid fella who nvr had much luck in life n 1 fella who worried sick of failing cpp that v sia2 waste our saliva comforting her. hahaha... congrats! i wil nvr forget that hug n the tears of joy.

of course a pat on my shoulder too. hee hee....



Huey Miin said...

Dear Lin girl,

Congrats to you! Your mum sms me this morning. Told you already right no need to worry so much (easy for me to say eh?). OKlah, as a reward, you get an extra big bowl of assam laksa when you are back! Cheers,Jiu mu

ti3nD said...

COngratulation!!!!!!! enjoy ur trip in italy! take care. go check what ur angel and devil give u on research project, sudah keluar on pegasus.good luck!