Sunday, 17 February 2008


amidst of our stressful schedule, v stil find time to celebrate this very meaningful day (*ahem like i know wat's the meaning behind it). partly for the meriah-ness of lou sang, partly bcos v haven't reli had a decent dinner wif our neighbour of 9 months.

come evening, every1's at the kitchen bz wif sth. yes preparation is an important process.. to ignite the cheery cny mood in every1! sth i've learnt during this cny celeration abroad. so ppl go bake sum cookies nx time n stop complaining y no cny feel geh.

after a very long time, v were finally ready for a great meal. i mean GREAT!

main course of the nite.. ASAM LAKSA.. oh after 9 months! chi mou chi yong wor. lotsa sardine, serai, lime, cili padi. of course, thanx to the laksa paste that mom parcelled me. yummy!!!

nx v have sambal trimmed beans. the sambal super delicious n chi gek omg!

that's not all. presenting u a sexily tanned booty-licious babe.


dish of the nite... SIEW GAI! by my luvly neighbours. this is even better than wat i had in msia. every1 knows i'm a fan of chicken breast. don call me stupid for this again ok! bcos this time even the boobs were sooo tender, tasty n JUICYlicious!

half way tru the meal, every1's stomach was overloaded til the extent that v felt sum kinda chest block kaka... v haven't even finish our bowl of laksa. so wat?!

v stil have tong yuen, loh hon goh n lou sang!

boy the tongyuen were like bouncy ping pong balls! very yi ngan, summore got peanuts n black sesame paste as fillings de wor don play play.

n alas, dish of the nite was... oh wait i oredi had dish of the nite. anyway wat's 人日 w/o lou sang rite?


as our biggest plate was not big enuf for our lou sang ingredients (green apples, purple cabbage, carrots, timun, grapefruits, ground peanuts n crisps in plum sauce).. v had to use our biggest wok instead.

wa reli choi gor dai gat lai si.. don u get it?

DAI WOK!! = BIG TROUBLE in cantonese muahaha.

had a gud laugh at it, v kat ang moh country tak da pantang la... it's called big frying pan here anyway haha.

v lou n lou n lou (wif fork, choi! again), blabbering stuff like muz pass exam la muz graduate la n *uummph....

i nvr know that homemade lou sang can taste SO GOOOOOD it put those readymade lou sang kit at supermarkets to shame. muahaha ni panggil self satisfaction.

at sum pt v had to stop eating bfore v burst like a balloon. so v sat in our unusually clean n tidy lounge for sum games instead. joanne taught us how to play monalisa banana tree. it not only sounds silly, the game itself IS silly! it's drop dead simple but our muscles tend to get confused all the time, v reli laugh our lungs out wakaka!

well of course there muz b punishment for the losers, hohoho it's noneother than eating our disastrous fried mushrooms. it's failure of the day cos the batter won turn crispy no matter how, wth! wasted la...

v ended the day by playing ala tvb style 辣辣寿司边个食. how can sushi b a punishment when u r in glasgow. so the game was aptly renamed as 油油蘑菇边个食. muahaha!

it was soo fun! i shud start celebrating 人日 when i'm back to msia.

oh too bad i had to miss bai tin gong this yr.

=stressedSheryl= biopharm on mon. y do i feel like the things that i've studied were flushed down the toilet bowl tgt wif my poo poo....

oh oh n not forgetting HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY ppl!

ah bosco wong zhong zhak, can thee b ma valentino?!

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