Saturday, 9 February 2008


to blog on skiing trip/ cny celebration 1st?

skiing trip or cny celebration?

... n the last petal goes to... ah it's obvious. so in cny mood now, my brain got no place for biopharm. my post today...


issh been too pampered as a msian all these yrs, 1 week holiday for cny n oso holiday for other festival that's totally none of ur business, fulamak so muhibah! ang moh only know how to celebrate xmas.. too bad so sad. wth 1st time in my life i had class on 除夕!

tu pun it's not an ordinary class, i had a presentation.. 20 marks de weh dun play play.. make me so gan cheong. thank gudness was in the morning slot n i escaped being assessed by that pepsi-holic. boy i was so lucky phew!

i wan to go taiping!!!
i wan to have dinner wif my family n relatives. i wan to get many many ang paus.
i wan to chat n play card games wif my cousins.
i wan to eat big big prawns, grilled chicken, ba kien, 酸辣菜. i wan to drink 胡椒猪肚汤 (w/o the pork intestine but abalone instead), well the list goes on...
i wan to visit my relatives, finish up a tinful of 黄梨酥 n kueh ka pek n drink yeo's crysanthemum tea.
i wan to c illegal but openly displayed fire crackers n fireworks!!!
i wan to listen to formulaic dok dok chang cny songs playing non stop everywhere.
i wan to watch those outdated tvb awards n charity shows on national tv!!!

i'm at glasgow... *sobs.

as for this yr reunion dinner...

8 pretty gals from G7 n J9 (the house that sell cornflakes n cereals) in cny mood,
a pot of tom yam n a pot of 清汤,
a table full of ingredients bought from chung ying,
wif cny songs non-stop playing in the background...

omg so long i din eat such big PRAWNS wif SHELL attached! so yummy.. summore la la meat n all the fish balls, crab sticks n stuff. my gudness... heavenly!!

whoalala... a perfect STEAMBOAT reunion dinner million miles away from home.

as usual the amount of food was overestimated n as usual i juz stuff my stomach til bloated like i had starved for a month. ahhh... syokness!

of course v had other entertainment truout while v digest our food... like taking a couple of nonsensical pics keke.

hoho i put my man u jersey to gud use.

in the silly face photoshoot session, every1 was champion in their own rite haha. lazy la, it's all at mying's n schoo's blog. n the loser of the day goes to...

shan's face but choo's hands. ngek ngek!

alwiz claimed that her muscle STIFF wor.. padahal wan to JAGA IMAGE ma.. chiu! soo typical of yishan. beh tahan her tsk tsk.

that nite was a cure to watever homesickness v had bfor this. a different but enjoyable reunion dinner.



i miss u guys back home.

THANK U yvonne n tien hong!!! it's very totful of u guys. i have NVR been so DELIGHTED to receive red red CNY CARDS bfor in my life haha. blessings that travel million miles by airmail, aww so precious=)

n on that very day i received a parcel of cookies sent by mom!!! omg my fav 黄梨酥!! i was so touched.
ah CRAP how i wish this is true. seems like my ba gua 'colder than water'.

anyway glad that my neighbour jenny n batchmates mun can make reli gud cookies.


i feel very sry for ah giu. i think that gal wil have her worst ever cny in her life. kesian.


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