Sunday, 10 February 2008


ahh woke up in the morning knowing it's 年初一, yippie!! but too bad this yr i din find myself in taiping, i din put on new clothes, i din receive ang paus from the elder ones. *sobs

instead v went to ss house to bai nin.

they have a variety of cny cookies n OMG! BA GUA!! ahh pineapple tarts! i cud've gobbled up the whole tin! it's precious over here, so kena control sikit la.. it's not nice to let ppl curse u on nin cho yat y'know. so i munch this n munch that like nobody's business.

yes u r rite, i unashamedly admit that i came for the cookies=)

check out the G7 gals, soo damn tam jiak tsk tsk!

only 1 house to go bai nin this yr. *sobs

in the afternoon, skype wif cousin bro in TAIPING. n awww.. every1's there! waving halo tru a comp screen juz made me feel sth's terribly missing! no la i din go to the extent that i need to hold back my tears. oh i played card games wif my uncle n bet over the computer screen kaka, wif my cousin sis showing me my cards. it was reli funny. i won!!! ya so wat.. like i'll get the money. i think my uncle manipulated the cards juz to make me happy haha. no time to get emo after the call, had to rush to a class dammit.

at nite v open up our apartment for a cny potluck dinner, where the home students n sum lecturers were invited to come over.

the preparation was fun. i was cutting n pasting 新年快乐 out of red xmas crackers. juz then jenny n the neighbours joined in wif tanglungs, lotsa MICKEY & JERRY angpaus (it's yr of RAT!) n fishes. oh luckily v don rear cat in my unit muahaha.

v all started sticking all these lil cute decos in place n whoala... the once messy, unsightly living & dining room was gone. it's now nicely decorated, filled wif cny mood. so hepi!!!

let's get the party started!!!

cheongsam delight.. ooh babelicious! gives me the urge to go tailormake a cheongsam for myself.

oh sheez i think i need a boobie transplant to fit prettily into a cheongsam.

wif lecturer .. he's a sweet guy, alwiz looking for glutinous rice kaka.

wif home students.. they were taught how to play heart attack haha. noob betul.

n among ourselves...

i bet it's a merry affair truout the nite. food, card games, laughters, every1 was having fun. after abouts of unit-hopping, the party sumhow ended. this was definitely the way to celebrate cny when u r abroad.. wat a bang!

back to my own living & dining room, can't stop admiring our work, wahaha v cud've won best decorated unit ngek ngek! oh juz in case u dunno the 新年快乐 i made 1 ok!! wat a great piece of artwork...

i mean the gold tanglung. i know i know the size n strokes of those 4 words cacat de ma.

=prosperousPamela= in her cosy living room, filled wif cny joy.
wish u all a properous yr ahead!!

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Pooi Yin said...

hey, gong hey fatt choi ar!!!