Sunday, 2 December 2007

Wat a Crazy Week!

sun. chopping capsicum for lunch. suddenly there's BLOOD (OMG!) oooo-zing from my 4th finger. the fact that part of my fingernail was trimmed off by the knife n the pain impulses
sumhow travelled s-l-o-w-l-y to my brain haha. i tried to pull off my nail but ah.. ah.. ouch.. then only i felt the PAIN cos it's stil wee bit attached to my flesh.. ill. well the thing is.. i juz sharpen the knife in the morning... n as usual no diff la.. that damn knife was stil BLUNT, n that same BLUNT knife cut off my fingernail.. huh! BAD omen... *alanis's ironic playing in the background.

mon. research project juz hit me again how strict is my supervisor while on the contrary, i c a GOLD band on the head of my partner's supervisor. so helpful, so understanding.. oo jealous-nya!
stress was building up.

deadline for introduction-fri.

but i juz don understand those damn journals that i read. how to put it in my own words?? how to escape from the plagiarism detection software? all those molecular, genetical n even computational software jargons juz drive me MAD MAD MAD! i'm not a software engineer ok, how u mr expect me to know all these stuff!

stress level elevating.. then can't access tudou.. my only source of tvb dramas.. even MAD!

tues. rushing for deadline. progess--6 pages (unedited version). yoohoo that's wat i call progress. BUT THEN..
my CLUMSY hand hit my cup (half filled with water). then *pong.. the cup went horizontal n water spilled on the rite side of my keyboard. NOOOOOO! then i heard sum strange *gili gulu sound from my laptop. PANIC! my reflex was..
SAVE my draft!
SHUT the laptop!

as i was frantically blowing my laptop dry, sum of my hair was sucked into the hairdryer (i dunno how) n got entangled inside! waa... panic again. so i had to sacrifice few strands of hair bfor the hairdryer n more of my hair damaged haha. when i tot it's dry enuf, i switch on my laptop again. oh phew leganya! it loaded swiftly into my desktop.

the saviour, sum noble ones who sacrified, n the culprit!

then suddenly.. the screen turned blue. within secs.. *pap my laptop totally black out! n after that.. all attempts to switch on the comp FAILED. my laptop not working! then i tot of my introduction. 6 pages!! all my effort, late nites, heart n soul.. GONE!!! how am i gonna meet the deadline? SHIIIT! i was so PANIC that i juz burst into tears. wu wu wu...

then ask dear for help. called dell. went to comp lab. thanx to shan for lending me her laptop. stil harbor hope that my laptop wil soon b fine. struggling whether shud start redo the whole thing anot. hou mm dai ah! but finally i faced the music n decided to redo the whole thing. stress level- at the MAX!

2am my eyes can tahan no more so i went to sleep. bfor i sleep, last attempt to switch on my laptop n
MIRACULOUSLY, it responded. after bouts of startup repair, it started to load my desktop. i was praying so so hard that it'll move on.. juz move on don black out. yeh! i quickly saved my super important materials bfor it blacked out again. n this time.. it didn't. ahhh tears of joy! n i had a gud nite's sleep that nite but selamba again in doing my intro the nx day.

that's reli helluva lesson! CUPS SHUD STAY AT LEAST 1m AWAY FROM LAPTOP!


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