Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Manchester: glorious foodball

Dec 3rd: after enduring a dizzy 5 hr bus journey (the seat.. 87 degrees, wth!) , FINALLY arrived in MANCHESTER!

destination-TAI WU restaurant. once entering, i was welcomed wif the sight of all-chinese diners n a waiter yelling a table number in cantonese! ahhh the smell of chinese restaurant=) everything effortlessly oozes wif familiarity, awww juz like msia.

7 of us. kim hoe super outcast haha.

n boy they reli serve yummy dim sum over here!

every bite of those dim sum n chiong fun sprinkle wif bit of lat zhiu yau (chili oil), thats heavenly!!

ya i took a 5 hr bus ride juz to satisfy my dim sum craving,









ok obviously i'm kidding.

when the time comes, here v r in OLD TRAFFORD. can u blif it... OLD TRAFFORD!!! it's so great to c it rite in front of u... even if i'm so not an ardent MU fan. ya those mu fan like dear DAH NAIK GILA!

took off our jacket juz to flank our jersey when it's sooo damn cold. don care la!!

inside megastore, the 1 where ppl feeding money into tabung man u by buying sum made-in-china merchandises.

liverpool traitor

eh ni betul2 ambik dgn players punya, bukan wallpaper.

entered the stadium n got our seat, behind the goal post. i'm rite inside the darn stadium that ppl at mamak stall watch it tru a big projector screen. woohoo! to b in the theatre of dreams is reli like a dream!

surrounded by sea of chili red chairs.

the match started n wee~hee~ i'm watching LIVE!!!

juz to irritate u, LIVE, not tv/ projector screen ok.

the crowd response was not as crazy as a scottish match. no deafening cheers. they did have funny sing-alongs n clap-alongs tho keke.

".. Take me Home, United Road. To the place, where I belong. To Old Trafford.."
"United, stand up!" (juz stand up when u hear this haha.)
UNITED! *clap clap clap

the BEST part was that when the players come attacking almoz near the penalty box, every1.. mine u EVERYONE wil bounce from their seat generating a big wave. it took me no effort at all to blend in. the nx thing i know i'd bounced from my chair automatically at the rite timing, peppering the situation wif many OOHS n AHHS, oh so FUN!

can't c their face la.

erm had a hard time differentiating who's who since i only follow up epl tru star paper back then. it's kinda weird watching w/o commentary n u can't afford to blink cos u ought to miss out a GOAL!, no slow-mo playback watsoever haha. but u get the whole picture of players running about, easier to c who's attacking n who's defending which i can barely tell tru tv. ok i stil know no strategies.

the leng chai RONALDO scored twice, almoz got a hattrick but he's performance kinda lacklustre. c, i blinked. for the 2nd goal i dunno how the ball was passed to ronaldo. it happened so fast n the nx thing i know.. he headed the ball in! eesshh!!

bet it's a normal match on tv, marred by many offsides but watching LIVE.. every attack wil reli send u to a heart attack. wat seems like half an hr was act 2 hrs n u juz can't have enuf of it. the match ended wif 2-0.


went taiwu restaurant, ya again, for supper since they have 30% discount after 12am. omg.. this is wat i call hou sek geh CHINESE FOOD!!

ham yu zheng zhue yok beng (steam pork wif salted fish).. 5 thumbs up!!

gong bou gai ding (chicken).. 5 thumbs up!!

gailan.. OMG my fav GAILAN.. after 6 months

ham dan dau fu (salted egg n tofu).. 5 thumbs up!!


5am, boarded a train back to glasgow. wait a min, the seat.. 89 degrees!!! deng! %#~$@


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