Monday, 3 December 2007

Red Hot Devil

Once Beckham (ee not a fan of him) said, " when i think abt red, i think abt....

muahaha... my brand new jersey.

23 pounds.. thanx yijie for the staff discount.

take a closer look.

i'm all geared up for tomolo, dec the 3rd, man u vs fulham. n no, i'm not going to campus bar or any mamak stall. i'm so gonna make many of u j-e-a-l-o-u-s! MUAHAHA!


anyway, when i think abt red, i think abt bono. africa needs us! i hope i can afford that GAP desi(red) shirt. mayb i'll juz make my own line of t shirt to show my support- expi(red), perspi(red).


Pooi Yin said...

wa, the first pic look so scary lor... i sam huet siu, must jaga my feeling... lol:)

lin said...

yeh seng gong lo, purposely wan to scare ppl who r sam huet siu like u. shud've audition for a role in those jap/korean horror movies.