Saturday, 15 December 2007

awww... so sweet=)

woke up in the morning, head's stil dizzy. not quite a gud day.

flu virus not thoroughly destroyed by body's immune system. had been crashing lotsa drug delivery system into my head for mon's test. dreaded to go to glasgow uni, have to fork out 1.90 for subway juz for 3 hrs of stupid time-wasting IPL session.

then.. hk told me i've got a parcel. wat?! huh?! parcel?! me?!

n yes i've got a parcel! from wching. omg! my heart juz melt rite away.. (tho u did told me abt this, i totally din expect it to arrive at this time!)

scarf in sweet red n pink, 100% hand-knitted wif heart n soul!

wan luen pai scarf in a cold glasgow weather... awww!

i spotted this.. tak cukup pink benang!! wahaha...

my earliest bday present this yr.
THANK YOU!!! x 1,000,000,000


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Pooi Yin said...

wa, tim dou yup sum yup fai la... anyway, happy birthday again! just in case u din see the msg tat i left at ur friendster...